Thursday, March 31, 2016

Weston James - 3 months

This precious boy has changed and grown SO much over the last month! It's amazing to me that he seems to be doing things even faster than his brother and sister, including those dang ear infections. Rounds 2 and 3 this month. On watch for one more and then it's tube time. As usual, this exhausted mama can't decide whether to pray for more ear infections (and tubes) or no more infections.

On the positive side, Weston has started rolling more, reaching for toys and our faces, talking constantly (especially to pretty girls), sucking his thumb and chuckling a little bit. He is such a happy guy (other than the ear infections, colic and reflux!) The tummy troubles are getting easier to manage, I think. Crying spells are shorter most days.

We had a wonderful Easter, and Weston made it through an entire church service (sleeping, of course). He delights so much in his brother and sister, always craning to see them when he hears their voices. He saves some of his biggest smiles for them. He got to meet cousins Julia and Lila over spring break. This boy loves to be outside, loves bath time and loves to be naked. He also really loves his mama. :)

Weight: 14 lbs 2 ounces (officially surpassing Hutch at this age)
Length: Probably 21-22 inches

New things:

  • Holding full conversations and meetings while sitting in our laps. He has so much to say!
  • Rolling from tummy to back occasionally, much more in the past few days. Also rolling from back to his sides sometimes. He is a wiggly little guy!
  • Chuckling ... not quite a full laugh yet, but precious all the same. Can't wait to hear this guy's big belly laugh in due time. 
  • Holding his head up so well while on his tummy, in his Bumbo or sitting (assisted) in our laps. He does get tired after a while and need to rest that big noggin.
  • Discovering his hands. He constantly sounds like he's going to eat them. I'll hear all kinds of loud chewing/sucking and think one of my bigs has gotten into some candy, and then realize it's just Weston and his fingers.
  • And, sucking his little thumb. Be still my heart. I left one arm out of his swaddle last night for the first time and multiple times heard him sucking that thumb during the night.
  • Taking longer breaks between feedings, usually close to 3-4 hours during the day.
  • Sleeping from 10 pm till 4-5 am many nights, then back to sleep till around 7. He still requires multiple paci replacements during the night, but maybe this thumb-sucking phenomenon will help that!
  • A reflux diagnosis to go along with the colic diagnosis. Thankfully, meds seem to be helping that, too.


  • Bath time, which we've taken to doing in the kitchen. Baby tub inside of the big farm sink. He loves to kick and splash.
  • Talking to me while nursing. He loves the eye contact and conversation. So does his mama.
  • His crazy mom's silly voices and songs.
  • When daddy comes home.
  • Being read to. Doesn't matter if it's one of his books or one of brother and sister's, he starts swinging those little arms and legs with excitement.
  • Music. 
  • The TV. Especially if it's on one of brother or sister's shows with kid-friendly music.
  • Being in the moby wrap, mostly because it means he's close to mama.
  • Ocean play mat, Taggie puppy and mirrors.
  • Being outside.
  • Lights and ceiling fans.
  • Pretty girls. He loves to stare at and talk to them. He was completely enamored with our friends'  6-month-old baby girl, but he's equally happy to hang with grandmas. 
  • Naked kicking time. He smiles when his clothes come off, just like two other babies I know.
  • His brother and sister. He delights in their faces and voices. And the feeling is mutual. 


  • Ear infections.
  • Sleeping away from mama when he feels yucky. 
  • The nose sucker.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Weston James - 2 months

We've made it 2 months! Y'all, three children is a LOT of children. Especially when they all need/want you at the same time. And they all have contagious diseases you don't want them giving to you or each other. Whew, this month has been crazy and crazy wonderful.

Weston brings us pure joy in his sweet cooing and smiling at our faces like we're all the best things that ever happened to him. You can't help but smile back and start talking to him like a crazy person. Addie and Hutch cheer him on as he accomplishes more and more. They love praising him during tummy time. He's a great eater and a pretty great sleeper (at night ... I'll take it). He loves to be held. 

We've had some rough spots this month ... brother and sister have both had Hand Foot Mouth and brother had pneumonia ... so keeping them away from Weston and constant worry about him getting sick have been top of mind for mama. Weston had his first ear infection at 5 weeks, which his doctor said was very unusual, but not for my kiddos! The antibiotics were worse than the ear infection, so back to the doctor we went and left with a colic diagnosis and meds. Thankfully the meds seem to be helping. Perhaps we're better at managing the colic the third go-round, but I'm telling you, no matter how severe or not severe it is, it doesn't get any easier. Nothing sucks more than hearing your baby cry and not being able to fix it. We're on ear infection watch as the doctor has warned this likely means he'll follow in his siblings' footsteps and need tubes. 

We had a wonderful sip and see this month (which Weston slept through!), thanks to several of my dear friends. I'm so thankful for this little guy, and despite the crazy, I feel better able to enjoy him and my other kiddos, most days. ;)

Weight: 11 lbs (at 7 weeks)
Length: 20.5 inches

New things:

  • Much more cooing/talking and responding to our faces and voices. He LOVES to talk to us!
  • Holding himself up on his forearms during tummy time. Until that big ol' noggin gets too heavy.
  • Some batting at toys, which may or may not be inadvertent. He also tries his best to "bat" or touch my face
  • If he's not totally starving, looking up at me to smile and coo before nursing. Be still my heart.
  • A few rolls from tummy to back, also likely inadvertent but still impressive! 
  • Holding on to my shirt, bra or skin while nursing, as if to say "don't you dare leave me, lady."
  • Also scratching my neck and chest while nursing, which two other babes did, too. War wounds, y'all.
  • Sleeping for 5-6 hour stretches during the night. I love this kid. Otherwise, the eating every 2-3 hours remains pretty consistent.
  • Staying awake for longer stretches during the day. And, a la these other two, napping for a full 40 minutes at a time during the day.
  • First ear infection. Boo.
  • An official colic diagnosis. Double boo.


  • Being outside. Unless it's super windy, he's pretty happy to hang out in mama's arms while brother and sister play.
  • The fireplace is still one of his favorite places.
  • First bath without screaming took place a few days ago, so perhaps he's learning to like it?
  • Nursing remains his No. 1 like. Followed closely by staring into his people's faces and cooing/smiling at us.
  • His Daddy. He's quick to smile at him when he gets home from work.
  • His ocean play mat, now that he's sort of figured out that he can bat at those toys
  • Mirrors. He loves that cute baby in there!
  • Lights and ceiling fans. This kid is constantly looking up.
  • Lola. He just started to notice her face and smile at her. Although he still does NOT care for her cold nose or wet kisses. 
  • Mama's silly singing and crazy voices
  • His paci. He's finally caught on and though he doesn't take it as much or as well as those others, I'm glad he's figured it out. 
  • Snuggly blankets and his snuggly swaddle
  • His brother and sister. He really lights up when they talk to him.
  • Books, if he's in the mood.
  • Being held. All. The. Time. Also, touching mama. All. The. Time.
  • Being in the Moby. Because that means touching mama.
  • Being naked.
  • Taking bottles. Well, maybe he doesn't like it, but he'll certainly do it. Thank you, Jesus.
  • I think I can finally say he likes being swaddled ... he certainly doesn't fight it as much anymore.


  • Having his nose sucked out.
  • Antibiotics. Really, all medicine/vitamins are equally rotten in his book.
  • Not being held. Waiting longer than 3 seconds to be held.