Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Weston James - 2!

Bring on the tears. My baby is officially a toddler. Weston talks CONSTANTLY and can say any and everything. He repeats everything they or we say, including dad's outburst last week when he spilled water all over the utility room. He can (sort of) sing his ABCS and (sort of) count to 10, although he takes some liberties with both. He's hit so many milestones over the last six months that I can hardly keep up. 

Upon waking each morning, he asks for "Cheerios. Milk." very loudly until he's granted them. Then he wants to be placed on the couch and asks for TV. My little creature of habit. He's obsessed with gloves, particularly Elsa's, and had taken over one of Addie's dress-up Elsa gloves a few months back that he wears often and has to sleep with every night. Some mornings when we go get him, he's bleary-eyed but has that glove on. He found the second one a few weeks ago and now requires them both. He also has two lovies that must sleep with him every night, a Dory stuffed animal and puppy, and has to have at least two blankets. Whew. He yells for a book every night just in case we might forget to read one to him. When we read altogether in sister's bed he gets very sad when he can't stay and sleep in there with her.

Weston has loved school and his teachers and friends. They are forever saying what a sweet boy he is (when I ask about orneriness they act like I'm crazy ... reminds me exactly of convos I've had twice before ...) He loves pizza day and can put it away just like brother. He also LOVES to sing all his school songs and is still singing Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Happy Birthday Jesus.

This boy's birthday was a little emotional for his mama. And confusing for him because he kept asking if it was Bubba's or Jesus' birthdays. When we told him Happy Birthday, he responded with Merry Christmas. And when we tell him he's a pistol, his response is "Pete!!" We had a Mickey Mouse/extreme animals party and though he's loved the animals everywhere else we've seen them, he didn't want much to do with them at his own party. He did love the kangaroo though. When we asked what he wanted for his birthday, he usually responded with CAKE! He loved opening presents on his birthday and Christmas and kept saying, "More presents! More presents!" He was not at all interested in Santa or St. Nick (we tried both) but liked to talk about both, watch Christmas movies, go look at Christmas lights and loved all our decorations. 

He's also a big fan of watching sports on TV or brother or sister play soccer, Tball or basketball. He loves to clap and yell YAY! When we watched the Rose Bowl this weekend, he was constantly yelling GO OSU! (We weren't playing in it.)

Eating is still rough man, as is anything else this kid doesn't want to do. Sometimes we can bribe with a treat for eating veggies and something all bets are off. He does LOVE all sugar and chocolate, just like some other people I know.

Weight: 25 lbs
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:
  • First anesthesia with a cyst removal just below his eye. It was a very long 2 hours for his mama, but as soon as we were able to go back after surgery he was already sweet-talking the nurse into a popsicle. Recovery was very easy and we don't expect it will come back. Our wonderful pediatric ophthalmologist continues to reassure us that this kid won't need glasses. 
  • Sleeping in his big boy bed! With a railing and lots of protective pillows. He asked to sleep in it on his birthday. He fell out several times the first night and we eventually put him back in his crib during the night, but ever since he's done so well. I will definitely cry when we pack up the crib.
  • Sitting in a booster at the table instead of his highchair. This may have prompted even more eating difficulties.
  • Turning around his car seat. He was totally delighted this morning to be looking straight ahead.
  • Using the potty! It's not consistent by any means - he'll go a few times a day - but usually he will ask to go. Mostly because he knows the reward is M&Ms
  • The talking is unreal. I know my other babies were this loquacious at this age, but I'm still super impressed with his giant sentences. 
  • Finally calling Grammie Grammie.
  • Getting better at identifying colors. He can almost always get blue and red correct, black too.
  • Counting and ABCs, sort of
  • First dentist appointment, which he was not happy about but was fairly easy
  • Telling us NOW when he wants something
  • Signing songs

  • Going to school. When I tell him it's a school day he usually says Yay! Play!
  • Reading books. 
  • Brushing his own teeth. Though he doesn't like when we insist on helping
  • Lovies, gloves and all his other nighttime necessities
  • Watching TV, especially Mickey
  • Saying "try again!" when we do anything he likes, usually something silly that makes him laugh or giving hugs and kisses
  • Getting into his carseat by himself, Me do it!
  • Playing with and hugging Lola
  • Riding his new balance bike, with the Mickey helmet brother regifted him
  • Going potty for M&Ms
  • Playing outside; he was especially thrilled about the kids' new playset. He loves his Cozy Coupe too
  • Being held and snuggled. He often calls us into his room during the night for hugs
  • Lollipops
  • Wrestling with daddy
  • Playing whatever brother and sister say
  • Bathtime, especially a new toy that makes bubble ice cream cones. He also loves colored water for bath time
  • Baking with me so he can like the beater, which he often tries to do while it's still stirring


  • Mickey Mouse or any other mascots or animals with large heads. From a distance is fine. Santa and the like also very questionable. 
  • Having his diaper changed, NO change me!
  • Eating anything other than cheese or carbs, Me no like it!
  • Being denied a "treat"

Hutch Marshall - 4!

He's still my baby boy in so many ways, but in so many more he's growing into a smart, hilarious big boy. Hutch has loved his first semester at Warm World and asks me constantly if it's a school day (he only goes twice a week!). He loves Big Room best, where they do their centers, and he also loves playing outside. He's doing a great job recognizing his letters and numbers and even writing many of them. He has flourished as an eager learner, a helper to his teacher, a friend to everyone. When I got to attend Mom's Day with him, I loved watching how everyone is drawn to his sweet, funny personality. Though he's more inclined to get into a little trouble than big sister, he usually does like to follow the rules and listen to his teacher. He's also less inclined to give correct answers than she, but he is always eager to participate. His teacher says that's one of the things she appreciates most about him. 

Hutch's birthday was so much fun, with a bounce house and Ninja Turtle theme, just what he wanted. He got a bike with training wheels, so he could be like sister, and learned to ride immediately. He was thrilled to also get his own Polar Express train. We went to see Santa on his birthday and he was delighted (Santa was equally delighted with my big boy and told him how excited he was to spend Hutch's birthday with him). Though timid in new situations or when he feels embarrassed or unsure (like when we see his teacher in public!), he is a sweet conversationalist and loves to make and engage friends, when it's his idea. 

Christmas was all magical for this kid and he could have spent every evening going to look at Christmas lights and drinking hot chocolate. He was so excited to see his pirate ship and Fingerling left by Santa, and he was pretty thrilled with mom/dad/Grammie/Pawpaw's gift of a new playset for all three. 

Playing outside is probably his favorite pastime, but he also loves to be read to, bake with me, wrestle with dad, play with Addie and Weston. My boys are becoming funny playmates, but Hutch is always like to encourage Weston to do something he's not supposed to or something Hutch isn't willing to do himself. Weston will do anything brother says, if he wants to. He's also great at hanging by himself and playing with his Ninja Turtle or pirate figurines, making up stories and games. I love to hear his sweet voice as he plays by himself with his great big imagination. 

Hutch LOVED DisneyWorld and rode many of the big rides with no fear and a big grin. The dinosaur ride being the exception, after which he declared, I do NOT want to go on that again! Big Thunder Mountain was his favorite ride, though the Toy Story rides came in close seconds, and meeting Woody and Buzz was totally magical for him. He really loved all the characters and dining experiences, and though sometimes a little whiny and cranky, he was a great sport. 

As my Hutch slowly loses all his baby mannerisms, he still loves to snuggle his mama, and I'm going to hang on to that for as long as possible.

Weight:  34 pounds

New things:
  • Starring on the soccer field! Fall soccer was so fun to watch as Hutch really caught on to the game and scored goals in just about every game. His sweet little team, coached by dad, had a great season and we loved watching him grow in skill and confidence. He still likes the snacks best
  • Learning to ride his big boy bike
  • Putting on his own shoes. Hallelujah. Tying is next
  • Buckling all but one buckle on the car seat by himself. Almost there
  • Playing so much more with Weston, concocting their own games and schemes, always with a lot of laughter and occasionally trips to time out
  • School!
  • Sweets and chocolate. My kid
  • Wrestling with dad
  • Playing babies or family with Addie
  • Any and all cars, especially with remote controls
  • Playing games - he's gotten really into Crazy 8s and Candyland as of late
  • Watching TV in the evenings
  • Asking when we can go back to DisneyWorld
  • Christmas lights
  • Going to Sprouts
  • Being read to at bedtime, either by himself or with everyone in sister's bed
  • Having a "sleepover" with Addie
  • Addie is still number one in his book, even when she's being less than kind to him, he still loves her best
  • Painting
  • Play dough
  • Playing trains, kitchen and MagnaTiles
  • Going to restaurants - he loved that we ate at SO many restaurants at DisneyWorld
  • Broccoli
  • All his various riding toys outside
  • Playing in the bath with one or both siblings
  • Birthday parties, especially his own
    • Having to rush anything. This kid doesn't do much quickly
    • When we told him there were no more presents at Christmas - he unwraps like a machine
    • When it's too cold to go outside

    Monday, August 28, 2017

    Hutch Marshall - 3 1/2

    This kid has me constantly laughing. And also sometimes pulling my hair out. He loved his second semester of school, his last at Starbright. His teacher, Ms. Carolyn, will always have a special place in his heart. He learned more about letters and has done so well as we've worked on identifying and writing at home. He can write his name, although his mama may be the only one who can tell what it says. 

    Hutch is pretty excited to go to Warm World next week for preschool. He's thrilled to be going to sister's school, though I don't think he quite understands that he's not going to class with her, or with any of her former teachers! I know he's going to do great, but I expect a little uncertainty at first. 

    He loved the beach house, his favorite place on earth, and every day since has asked me when we're going back. He also constantly asks when we're going back to Silver Dollar City, where we went for Fall Break last year. We haven't told him yet that we're going to Disney this fall ... and I think we'd better wait till right before we're headed to the airport. He loves going new places, and he also loved our short trip to the Gaylord-Texan last weekend. We were very impressed that he was willing to venture away from us, with sister, and even go down some of the big water slides. He loved sister's birthday and birthday party and is also constantly asking me when his birthday and party will be, even though he can recite the date himself.

    Hutch did a great job in swim lessons this summer. He started the summer totally unsure in the water and unwilling to take off his life jacket to swim with me. Now he's swimming all over the pool without a flotation device. He passed four levels this summer, learning to swim-float-swim and several survival skills. He passed his survival test and I saw his confidence in himself in general grow so much. It was a great experience for him.

    Though I'm feeling pretty emotional about all my babies starting school, this one, from toddlerhood into preschool, feels like the biggest step. I'm so proud of the big boy Hutch is growing into!

    Weight:  34 pounds

    New things:
    • This boy can say any and everything correctly, but my two favorite phrases of his currently are "Wash Car" instead of car wash and "for really???" I'm not correcting either.
    • Getting fish, in lieu of a cat
    • No more booster seat at the kitchen table
    • Doing chores like setting the table, opening and closing blinds and feeding the dog
    • Unbuckling his car seat by himself
    • Singing lots of songs that are on the radio 
    • Asking Jesus in to his heart during nighttime prayers. This mama heart about burst with joy
    • Another surgery for ear tubes this spring. Hoping this set will get us through and be the last ones we have to do. We've been considering having tonsils removed because of his snoring, but for now just waiting to see
    • Hutch started soccer in the spring, and although he didn't seem to be crazy about it, he stayed pretty engaged in practices and games. He's not willing to put forth all that much effort, but he'll stick with it for the snacks. He also played t-ball this summer with friends and that seemed to be more his speed. He liked fielding the ball and was a great hitter, when he made contact :) He asked to play soccer again this fall, so we'll see how it goes!

    • Music class and music camp this summer. 
    • Going to restaurants. And the movies - he loved going to see Cars 3 this summer
    • Playing outside, preferably on a riding toy
    • Getting snow cones
    • Going on a date with mommy. We recently went to the bookstore, out to eat and then to get ice cream. He told me he'd keep going on dates with me even when he was grown, as long as I'd keep paying
    • Going to Sprouts, especially if it involves getting a cookie
    • Pineapple, kiwi and watermelon
    • Asking for "special treats"
    • Swimming. 
    • Peeing anywhere, like on the soccer field last week at sister's practice 
    • Watching American Ninja Warrior and AGT. Movies are his second loves
    • Addie is still his No 1 love and he wants to be where she is at all times. They love playing make believe together, especially with random boxes made into all sorts of fun things.
    • He loves being read to and sung to at bedtime still, which melts my heart. Although maybe he's just stalling when he asks for "one more song," I'll take it!
    • Wrestling with Daddy
      • Not getting a special treat
      • Being away from sister