Monday, May 2, 2016

Weston James - 4 months

I love the transition into true babyhood and all the changes and milestones that brings. This baby boy has grown and learned so much over the past month. He is definitely moving faster than his brother and sister, and I'm amazed how quickly he catches on to things.

Antibiotics, and nasty antibiotic injections as a last resort, did little to cure this guy's ear infections, so (praise Jesus) we got tubes. And he immediately began sleeping better. I'm so thankful for a pediatrician and ENT who (obviously) know us well by now and acted really quickly with this little guy. 

We're making strides with his colic, though reflux has increased as he grown. But, no more ear pain or antibiotics at least mean we're not exacerbating all those tummy issues, so all-in-all, easier to manage. He loves his mama best and has started to cry (read: scream) when I leave his sight. He prefers to be holding me, or at least keep me in his sights at all times. Dad or siblings will do in a pinch. 

Weston's funny giggle and giant smiles make the exhaustion worth it. I'm so thankful to be this boy's mama. 

Weight: 15 lbs 12 ounces
Length: 22 inches

New things:

  • Constant rolling from tummy to back, and now rolling from back to tummy, too! He's always a little perturbed when he finds himself on his tummy.
  • Discovering his toes. Holding them and putting them in his mouth. Removing socks so he can get to his toes. 
  • Laughing. His giggle is my favorite. Especially when he's laughing at his funny sister.
  • More babbling. He loves when we respond or mimic him. 
  • Discovering his tongue, which he loves to stick out.
  • Holding his head up with hardly any assistance any more.
  • Ear tubes. Hallelujah. 
  • Standing, assisted, in our laps. His new favorite position.
  • Trying so hard to sit up, but he can only last a second or two at best on his own.
  • An actual bedtime. Trying to be consistent about putting him in his bed (which is still his pack and play in our room) after his 8pm feeding.
  • No more swaddle. He was Houdini-ing out of it constantly, so switched to the sleep sack. He's still getting used to it ... which means more waking at night. But he loves to sleep on his side and I can tell he's trying hard to get to his tummy.
  • Grabbing toys, books, our faces, our hair, whatever he can find. And putting directly in his mouth.
  • Still sleeping from 10pm till 4/5am without a feeding.  


  • Beach balls. New, to him, today. We called the other two "circus baby" when they held a beach ball in their toes. Weston's already got the trick down, too
  • Sophie the giraffe. She goes everywhere.
  • Hanging out outside. 
  • Being in his new carrier, likely because it means he's with mama.
  • Being sung to. You are My Sunshine seems to be a personal favorite. His sweet face lights up when I sing to him.
  • Getting distracted while nursing. Wrenching his neck to see brother and sister, the TV, the dog ... whatever seems interesting. And sometimes stopping just to talk to or look at me.
  • Watching us eat with great interest. 
  • Being tickled.
  • Peek-a-boo
  • His taggie puppy - probably his favorite toy of all right now
  • Lights
  • Blowing raspberries with that new tongue he's discovered
  • Holding his feet, a la happy baby yoga pose
  • Look at books, especially if they include fun things to touch
  • Bath time
  • I don't know that taking a bottle is a "like," and he doesn't do it often, but he will do it. Unlike those other two monkeys of mine
  • Whatever brother and sister are doing.
  • Watching Lola, as long as she doesn't lick him
  • Occasional naps in his swing. In general, like those other two, he thinks naps are for weanies. I'm lucky if I can get 30 minutes out of him before he either wakes or requires being held to finish his nap.


  • Being in his car seat
  • Being away from mama
  • Not being able to see mama