Monday, October 3, 2016

Weston James - 9 months

This baby boy is such a joy. He is SO busy and SO big! Wearing some 12 month clothes, but also some 18 month. He's at about the 75th percentile in both weight and height, definitely bigger than my other two at this age.

He likes to do a lot of things himself, including feeding himself. He literally decided one day he'd had enough of being fed and only wanted to do it himself. Took mama a couple meals to decipher what his screaming meant. So he's now onto only table foods he can feed himself. And flinging his sippee cup all over the place. 

He loves to talk and definitely has several words. He asks for "adda" and waves many mornings after we drop her at school. He calls Hutch "adda" too.

He is vey inquisitive and often looks at toys like he's trying to figure out how they work. Reminds me of his brother. He's loved going to music class once a week with Hutch. He crawls all over the place, squeals, dances and inspects all the instruments. He was given his very own set that he can lick to his heart's desire. 

No more colic or reflux meds for this guy, and finger's crossed, we are really and truly done with all that. 

We all love watching this sweet babe's personality develop. Can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Weight: 21 pounds, 4 ounces 
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:

  • Cruising ... and sometimes letting go and standing on his own for a few seconds. 
  • Down to 5 nursing sessions a day. 
  • Sleeping in his crib in his own room! Yes, I know he's 9 months old and *just* moved out of our room ... but climbing up the stairs a lot of times a night for multiple crying kids is no joke. Thankfully he's done great in his room. Also a thumb sucker means he can always find comfort in the middle of the night. Hooray.
  • Eating only table food. After doing so well with pureed foods he did a 180 and decided he only wanted to feed himself. He's eerily like some other people I know ...
  • Those babbled words were no joke. Dada definitely his first word, followed by Adda (Addie and Hutch are interchangeable). He also signs and says "all done."
  • Mimicking Lola's panting, which is hilarious. 
  • Going to Miss Ginger's music class once a week with mama and brother. He LOVES it!

  • Standing up in the bathtub, which is delightful for everyone else
  • Opening and closing doors
  • Touching pottys, thankfully only at our own house thus far
  • Going for wagon rides with brother and sister. And being outside in general. 
  • Sleeping in his own crib. And when brother or sister come to see him first thing in the morning.
  • Waving at aaalllll the people
  • The metal side table next to our couch ... he loves to pull up on it and drum, drum, drum. He also loves to lick it. Whatever, man.
  • Trying to reach all remotes, decorations, etc. He's so helpful at assisting me in deciding what I need to hide away.
  • Food. He's liked pretty much everything he's tried, including meats. Mama's green pancakes are his favorite. Followed closely by any and all carbs
  • Nursing. While he can't be bothered to do it for very long, he still lets me know (loudly) when it's time
  • Grammie and Pawpaw. His sweet face lights up when he sees them, and he usually won't even come back to me.
  • The church nursery. Those ladies are no joke, y'all. They can make any baby love them! He's been doing great, even napping occasionally for them. He loves to play with all the toys.
  • All toys that play music.
  • All toys that have wheels. He turns them over and inspects and spins the wheels. Future engineer?
  • Going to music class with brother. His favorite part is banging on the big drum with all the other kids.
  • Imitating any sounds his brother or sister make, especially at the table during mealtimes.
  • Feeding Lola, aka throwing all the food off his tray into her waiting mouth.
  • Sucking his thumb. 
  • Flinging all water out of the tub


  • Wearing shoes is still a major dislike
  • Touching grass with his feet or hands. 
  • Being told no
  • Having to sit down in the bathtub.