Monday, October 14, 2013

Addison Mae - 26 months

Well, it finally happened. I missed a month. And by "missed," I mean I have been feeling super guilty, knowing I hadn't taken the time to blog about my sweet girl since August. But, you know, we've had just a few things going on around here so I'm going to move on and write an extra long one about the last two months. Who know - maybe this every-other-month will become the new thing. Addie is, in a word, hilarious. And exasperating. She is definitely two, going on 13. In the same day, she will make me so proud that I cry, laugh so hard I cry or frustrate me so much I cry. It's kinda a crapshoot. She is so brilliant, and she loves making us laugh. She's also completely into being independent and not listening. We've had several hour to two hour tantrums over the past few months, which all resulted from being told no. And her tantrums typically include kicking, screaming and vomiting. It's super. We've also had multiple half an hour to an hour stand-offs at the table over not wanting to finish a meal (or even a particular bite of food). This is totally Jordan's fault as he used to do this as a kid, too. The funny thing (well, it's not really funny) is that it's been over food she actually LIKES, not random stuff we're forcing down her throat. The heart of the matter is she likes to be in control. And we're not going to say who she gets that from.

Our big girl just moved into her big girl room, complete with awesome stripes her daddy painted on one wall, after he and her Grammie painted the whole room and ceiling. She seems excited about her brother's arrival, but I'm anxious to see how that all pans out in the real world. I know she will be a fabulous big sister. She loves to lie on my tummy and talk to or kiss him. And tell him, "We don't kick Mommy, brother. You go time out for that." As well as tell him all the other reasons he'll be put in time out when he gets here. She means business. And she will LOVE having someone (else) to boss.

We had a fabulous time on our last vacation as a family of three, when we surprised her really early one morning to take her to Eureka Springs/Table Rock Lake. Aside from the countless times she vomited in her car seat to and from said destinations, we had an awesome time. And she sweetly kept telling us "I won't vomit anymore in my seat." We rode the train in Eureka Springs, where she also got to put pennies on the tracks for the train to run over. She maniacally screamed through her first boat ride with her Uncle Ray. She LOVED our day-and-a-half at Silver Dollar City, where she rode another train, petted goats, rode several rides, including her first carousel, and built a bear. I should note that the two kiddie rides she was tall enough for required her non-pregnant father to accompany her ... and he was almost too large for the seats. It was hysterical. We ate copious amounts of food, including the best donuts ever, chocolate pancakes as big as Addie, her first corn dog and lots of ketchup. And we visited the War Eagle Mill. Whew.

Weight: 24.5 pounds
Length: ~32  inches

New things this month (or two):
  • Turning into a little gymnast. This girl loves 'nastics class and jumping. She can "jump on my two feet" (instead of the awkward, one-legged toddler jump) and somersault. She seriously is pretty impressive, and I have been extra impressed with how well she (usually) listens. I mean, she is two after all.
  • Obsessing about birthdays and blowing out candles. I guess this started with her own birthday, and since she's had several friends, a cousin, a daddy, an aunt, an uncle and a dog with birthdays to celebrate.
  • Being extra loving to her mommy and daddy. Unless she's throwing a temper tantrum.
  • The temper tantrums as described above.
  • Using her imagination. She's playing more by herself than ever before, and she sings to her babies, makes up games and creates entire little worlds. It's pretty amazing.
  • Talking about the days of the week, which she can name, though not exactly in order.
  • Continuing to try to put on her own clothes. And get really mad when I try to help.
  • Using big girl toothpaste, which isn't all that exciting in and of itself. Except for the part where she says, "Mommy, I want to do the spitting." She's pretty thrilled that she gets to incorporate one of her favorite activities into teeth hygiene.
  • Riding her first amusement park rides. Riding her first trains. And riding on her first boat.

  • Going to Hobby Lobby. And playing pretend at home that she's going to Hobby Lobby.
  • A continued obsession with all babies.
  • Cheez-its. Fruit snacks. Goldfish.
  • Stickers and any crafts that go with them.
  • Her Stella doll and all Stella's accessories.
  • Our nightly frog-moon-stars ritual. About 10 minutes before bed, we go outside to count how many frogs are in our driveway (and if you don't already know it, Jordan is TERRIFIED of frogs, so be sure to picture that part), check out the moon and look up at the stars. Our highest frog count has been 23.
  • Jumping.
  • Birthday parties.
  • Opening the trashcan.
  • Going to the library and checking out approximately 28 books every time.
  • Helping me cook or bake.
  • Singing.
  • Choo choo trains.

  • Anyone suggesting she use the potty rather than her diaper. Though she had a good week or so where she used the potty every day, it's now an off-limits topic. She literally yells NO at us when we suggest it, even with the offered bribe of her favorite lollipops. She tells me, "I no go poo-poo in potty, Mommy. I go in my diaper. You clean it up." So, then, we'll just wait till she's ready ...