Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hutch Marshall - 17 months

Liiiitle behind on this one. It's been a crazy month. My sweet boy has adjusted so well to his new glasses. Other than the first day (on which I told Jordan Hutch would just have to be blind because I could not force him to wear them ... I believe I put them back on 2,345 times) he has done great. He even asks for them when he wakes up or after his bath. And he says "gasses" all the time and notices all other people who wear them, too. I keep getting the question of whether they are helping him ... and my answer is I guess. I haven't noticed a major change in his actual vision ... he looks at books constantly, which he was doing before the glasses, but he does seem more confident in his walking/climbing. He's less fussy and cranky, particularly in the evenings. And he is sleeping like a baby who loves sleep. So all that to say, yes, I think we've seen huge strides in temperament and behavior ... I think he was working so hard to see that it was making my guy cranky about all other things.

So, yes, sleeping. Most nights all night. In his own bed. I don't even know who this kid is y'all.

He also had new tubes put in and adenoids removed after an insane stint with lots of infections when the old ones were no longer working. Surgery was pretty easy, as was recovery. About 10 days afterward, he had fever of 103-104 for a few days and the word "pneumonia" came back to haunt us ... but thankfully it turned out to be a viral throat infection ... which then led to another ear infection. Praise Jesus for ear tubes. Maybe (maybe?) we can hit a well streak. 

And the talking. People. He talks. All. The. Time. About everything. Every day there are new words. And words strung together. And song singing. Brilliant, I tell you. His laugh is the sweetest sound in all the world. We all love to get him giggling so hard he can barely stop. 

We wrapped up music school, which was his favorite thing he's ever done in his whole life. He also loved sister's soccer season because sometimes he got to kick the ball at practice. 

Weight:  22 pounds
Length: 26.5 inches

New things:
  • Still more teeth. Top canines are in and bottom soon to follow.
  • The words ... he still sings the hot dog song all the time, usually followed by asking for a hot dog. He also says pancake, shoes, socks, remote, TV, off, dinner, car, play, down, hug (or huggies :)), water, seahorse, hello (usually in reference to a phone or a phone ringing),  wagon, doggie, happy, bed, doctor, school, light, scooter (Addie? he says ... scooters make him think of sister)
  • Singing "monkey see, monkey do." This kid loves to say monkey.
  • Saying please and thank you, sometimes without even having to be reminded. 
  • Helping put his shoes and socks away. Sometimes they actually make it to his room. 
  • Sleeping. It's still new to us, so I'm going to put it here again. 
  • Saying and showing you all of your facial features 
  • Pointing to and saying most major body parts ... head, hair, teeth, nose (his fave), eyes, ears, chin, cheek, hands, toes, knee, arm ...
  • Talking about his favorite book, Go Dog, Go, which he calls by name and sometimes gets so excited about that he runs around the house yelling GO DOG! Or he asks where it is, Go Dog?
  • Saying even more animal names and sounds. 
  • Jumping ... the really cute baby jump where they only use one leg and don't make it off the ground :)

  • Playing outside. Especially if that means he can swing or sit in his wagon.
  • Going anywhere. Except the doctor.
  • Pinching, poking or pulling on his sister.
  • Playing baby dolls and dollhouse.
  • Shoes. Because that means it could be time to go outside.
  • Chasing sister. Or Lola.
  • Playing peek-a-boo ... or just a-boo as he calls it. 
  • His glasses
  • Watching TV or a movie for approximately 3 seconds
  • Cuddling with his momma and a blankie when he doesn't feel good
  • School
  • Going to the library. Books!
  • His BFFs Brooks and Lily (aka book and yee-yee)
  • Asking for night-night and pa-pas when he's sleepy
  • Giving hot boxes
  • Finding anyone's belly button, especially if they don't want it found
  • Running. Preferably away from me.

    • The doctor. He screams "Bye??" the whole time.
    • Waiting for food. Being refused food.
    • Ear drops.