Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weston James - 1 month

I cannot imagine life without this tiny new person. Weston joined our family on December 31 at 10:44 a.m. weighing 6 lbs, 7 ounces and measuring 19 inches long. We had to exhibit some serious patience as we were supposed to be induced at 7 a.m. on the 30th, but a bed wasn't ready until that night around 9:30. After laboring through the night and not making much progress, my doctor finally broke my water around 9:30 the next morning and, clearly, Weston came soon after. The moment we first saw his face Jordan and I both announced that he looked just like Addie. They're baby pics look exactly alike, and both a lot like mine, too, I might add ;)

Brother and sister are just delighted with him and ask to hold him constantly. They love to help with tummy time and help me get diapers, chose outfits, etc. When he cries, Hutch usually says "mommy, he wants you." Hutch also announced (loudly) in the doctor's office waiting room when Weston began to cry that "he wants to eat from your nipples momma!!!!" Breast feeding is clearly a very open topic around here ;)

We are holding our breath that we've had no major tummy troubles from this guy. Definitely some fussiness and some signs that perhaps he has some reflux, but nothing like what sister and brother put us through. We are hopeful that he'll stay this way!!

He's sleeping 3-4 hour stretches at night, but really prefers to eat about every 2 hours.

The beauty of the third child is that the mama is generally more patient and rests in the knowledge that "this too shall pass," which makes the hard stuff not seem so hard and the wonderful stuff more important to soak up. Took me till my third kid to really figure this out and put into practice. I'm so thankful for this precious little guy!

Weight: 7 lbs, 5 ounces (at 2 week appointment)
Length: 20.5 inches

New things:

  • Everything!
  • Eating. Nursing is this kid's favorite. And I'm trying my best to soak up the special time with him.
  • Smiling. New baby smiles are just as magical the third time around. He started at about 3.5 weeks with a little smile for me. And now occasionally gives big open-mouth grins
  • Holding his head up during tummy time and moving head from side to side. If he's not totally pissed about tummy time, or falling asleep during it
  • Starting to coo a little bit
  • Taking a bottle. Well, he's done it once, and it was a success. He gulped it down like it was no big deal (I tried not to be offended). Maybe he'll be my one child who will actually take a bottle?


  • His brother and sister. He will turn his head toward their voices, especially when that sweet sister sings to him.
  • Being sung to
  • The swing ... sometimes 
  • Lounging by the fireplace 
  • Ocean play mat ... sometimes
  • Falling asleep during tummy time
  • Being swaddled ... it's a love/hate relationship. 
  • His bouncy chair
  • Being in the Moby wrap. For up to 45 minutes, and then he's ready to get OUT.
  • Naked kicking time, just like two other littles I know. When he's done being held or restrained, he's DONE and wants to just kick it out, preferably on something soft.


  • Not being held
  • The carseat
  • Lola licks
  • Being swaddled (like I said ... love/hate)
  • Taking medicine
  • Baths