Friday, November 4, 2016

Weston James - 10 months

Watching this boy's personality come to life is such a joy. And deja vu. He reminds me so much of these other two babes who live here. He's perhaps more independent than they were at this age, and maybe also more demanding? He's working on a few more words, but definitely gets frustrated when he wants (or doesn't want) something and can't convey it to us. 

He is into EVERYTHING. He loves to open cabinets, pull things out, open doors, unroll toilet paper, touch the toilets, eat the dog food, attempt to climb the stairs, play drums on the side table .... whew! He wears me out, but thankfully I have two little helpers with way more energy than I can usually manage. His favorite place to play is often opening and closing the warming drawer or opening the cabinet that houses the toaster so he can drum on it. Bathroom and utility doors are usually closed tight to prevent the toilet touching/dog food eating. 

He's eating pretty much everything, with favorites being green pancakes, puffs, apples and any type of carb. He drinks really well from his cup, although we usually force him to let us help, otherwise he'd be pouring milk everywhere because he thinks it's funny. Speaking of funny, he loves to make us laugh, loves to laugh at his siblings, loves to imitate us and for us to imitate him. His belly laugh is just the best. 

He's doing great in the church nursery, but is still reluctant for other people to take him from his mama, especially in a crowd. He thought Halloween was pretty great, other than wearing his costume for any length of time. He loved watching all the people at our Fall Festival and riding in his stroller to see brother and sister trick-or-treat (though he let us know very LOUDLY when he was done). 

Weight: 22ish pounds
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:

  • Standing on his own for a little longer periods of time. 
  • Down to 3 serious nursing sessions a day and 2 he could take or leave.  
  • Sleeping so well (usually) in his room still, typically from about 7:45 till 5 or 6, then back to sleep till 7 or 7:30. He wins the sleeping.
  • Trying out some new sounds. When I ask him to say "mama" he generally responds with a kissing noise :) He has said it a few times. He also seems to be saying Lola and Bubba.
  • Trying out animal noises, too. He loves the horse (probably because to him to horse spits everywhere) and he LOVES to pant at Lola whenever he sees her or we talk about her or another dog.
  • More teeth! Two of his left top teeth are coming in, and I think the right two aren't far behind. Also swollen gums on the bottom, so more likely coming in there as well.
  • Clapping or rocking or using instruments on the beat at music class. Reminds me of another baby boy I used to take there!
  • Giving sweet kisses when we ask for them. Although sometimes he merely just presents his forehead for a kiss. And making sweet kissing sounds when we say kiss or he hears/sees someone else kiss. 

  • Getting into brother and sister's toys, especially when they aren't home
  • Opening and closing doors, or banging on them when they are closed. 
  • Opening all the cabinets.
  • Remotes remain a favorite. He SCREAMS when we take them away or he can see them but can't reach them
  • Dancing to all music. 
  • The big drum at music class. He cries when she puts it away.
  • Lola. 
  • When daddy comes home. He always says "dada" or sometimes "hi dada" and squeals and crawls to him as fast as he can. If daddy doesn't pick him up immediately he cries as if his heart would break
  • Throwing food on the floor to waiting Lola
  • Vacuums 
  • Clapping and waving on command. Waving anytime he hears the words hi or bye. Clapping when he hears cheering or others clapping. Clapping when Addie performs for him and at her soccer games
  • Trucks, cars, etc.
  • His Little People farm and zoo toys
  • Books, although he likes to be in charge of page turning
  • Bathtime


  • Waiting for food, a drink, to nurse, for a toy he wants ... really for anything
  • His carseat 
  • Being told no. Not being able to reach something he wants