Sunday, January 1, 2017

Weston James - 1 year!!

The Christmas season has been magical with this baby boy and his siblings. Weston loved Christmas and all the festivities, mostly just taking brother and sister's lead. We did a lot of celebrating this month, from Addie's dance recital, mom and Pawpaw's birthday's, brother's birthday, meeting Santa (not a fan), looking at Christmas lights, riding the Polar Express, family Christmas party, Addie's school program, crafting with friends, Christmas Eve service at church and of course, the big day. He loved all his new toys, when his brother and sister would let him actually look at them. He didn't do much opening (again, something about those siblings of his ...) but he did like all the bows, boxes and bags. He tried to "help" Addie and me wrap several of Jordan's gifts, which resulted in shredded paper, broken boxes from sitting in them and bows and tape everywhere.

He's added more words to his vocabulary and says mama occasionally. He also took his first step a week before Christmas, and is starting to put a few steps together. Won't be long before he's all over the house. He also loves to climb the stairs at every chance. 

Weston has spent the last week really sick ... pink eye, a virus, high fever and now bronchiolitis. Yuck. He's been pretty pitiful, but I haven't minded the extra snuggles. We had to cancel his birthday party, scheduled for this morning. But grandparents joined us and we partied with our family. He immediately dug into his cake like he knew exactly what to do. He didn't care for his party hat, but he loved all the decorations, especially all the balloons, or "balls."

When I think about this time last year and the first moment I saw his sweet face ... I can't believe we are here. I remember immediately thinking he looked exactly like his sister and being overwhelmingly relieved that he was here and healthy after so many scares during my pregnancy. I vividly remember the first time he latched on and began to nurse. I'm pretty emotional about my last baby being one and his true babyhood being behind us ... but I'm also looking forward to all that lies ahead. Weston is so gregarious, so joyful and such a delight to us. I know the best is yet to come. 
Weight: 22 lbs, 6 oz
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:

  • More new words! New words are uh-oh, hat, gentle, Santa, Ho Ho Ho, ball. 
  • First steps! He took his first official step a week before Christmas, and in the last two days has put 3-4 steps together. Still unsteady, but he loves how much we clap and get excited when he does it. He usually squeals and claps for himself, too.
  • Drinking almond milk from his cup
  • Trying a few things not allowed before age 1, like honey and a little bit of dairy. 
  • Making car noises. 

  • Opening and hiding things in the warming drawer 
  • Balloons 
  • Waving at all people, especially girls. He has a special affinity for Addie and Hutch's teachers and the receptionist at the doctor's office
  • Boxes, tissue paper and bags 
  • Phones and cameras. Sister gave him a play cell phone for Christmas, and he puts it to the side of his head like he knows just how to use it
  • Bathtime and bath toys
  • Sugar, apparently. He didn't eat much of his cake, and made a few faces like it was too sweet (reminded me exactly of Addie), but the part he ate he certainly enjoyed
  • His new anywhere chair. He's been overtaking brother and sister's chairs for awhile now
  • Drumming on everything. The boy's been missing music class
  • Playing peekaboo
  • Hot dogs
  • Riding in the cart at the grocery store
  • Calling Lola
  • Opening and shutting the blinds, and doors
  • Climbing the stairs, especially while being told no
  • Looking at pictures of himself, or his siblings
  • Puffs. No. 1 food
  • Playing outside. Especially riding in the Cozy Coupe
  • All toys with small pieces
  • Playing kitchen with brother and sister
  • His octopus toy
  • Trucks and cars
  • Walking with the Ybike, chairs or anything else he can move
  • Coco our elf


  • Having his teeth brushed
  • Coats, hats, shoes and socks
  • Sitting still for photos
  • Being removed from the stairs
  • Eye drops