Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Addison Mae - 35 months

So I pretty much almost always cry when I think about my baby turning 3. In just ONE month. There may be a lot of difficulties about 2 and 3-year-olds, but in all honesty I just love this age. She still needs me so much, but she's also learning so much and asserting her independence. She's figuring out how the world works and her place in it. Everything is new and exciting. Her sense of wonder and fun are contagious. How I love this little person.

She had the best Fourth of July with our family in town from Houston/Colorado/NY, including my cousin's daughter, Emily, who was Addie's personal assistant throughout the weekend. Addie is obsessed with her, and Emily played along so sweetly. Highlights were swimming, going to a parade (complete with a ridiculous amount of candy) and setting off small (not noisy) fireworks with her daddy.

Weight: 29 pounds
Length: 36 inches

 New things:
  • An obsession with playing Crazy 8s and Memory. We do this every night from the time her brother goes to bed until it's her bedtime. She loves to say "I winned the game." And then has a great victory dance comprised of practically standing on her head and kicking her feet in the air.
  • Even more letter recognition, and getting better at writing a few of them. She can spell her name, although she gets a little confused at the end depending on which name she is spelling. She often says "A-D-D-I-N." Close.
  • Swimming like a boss. Well, a 2-year-old boss. She was AMAZING at her swim lessons and can totally swim underwater, as long as a responsible party is nearby to help. We've abandoned floaties and life jackets and have just let her have at it. She's great at holding her breath and loves to jump off the diving board. She also loves to dive for rings and can get them off the bottom of the shallow end. 

  • Twirling. Anytime. Anyplace. 
  • Frozen. It's a total obsession at this point. Jordan finds himself singing the songs, out loud, at work. We all have a problem.  
  • Making up gymnastics circuits with me. 
  • Playing pretend. Whether with her babies, dress-up clothes or her kitchen, her little imagination is flourishing. She loves to ask me "What's your name, Mommy?", which means I'm supposed to make up a name, and then she does, too. We play school, gymnastics, library, grocery store ... and she mostly prefers to be the teacher or the one in charge (shocking)
  • "Painting" with water and paint brushes on the back patio.
  • Swimming. And that when she's swimming at Grammie and Pawpaw's, she can just pee in the yard.
  • Donuts. She loves going with Daddy occasionally on Saturday mornings to pick them out.
  • Sunflowers. Be still my heart. We love to look for them and point them out to each other while driving around town. We did this last year, too, and she totally remembered it. Although last year she called them "funflowers." She was ecstatic when I recently bought some for her.
  • Cooking. "I need to get my chair, Mommy." (for standing on next to the island so she can reach the action)
  • Meeting people. "Hi, my name is Addison. What's your name? Nice to meet you."
  • Praying. She has two prayers she loves to say at dinnertime. And always tells me what she wants to thank Jesus for at bedtime. She recently told me when on the way to school that she was going to teach the other children about Jesus when she got there. Took my breath away. 
  • Time out. Or being told to go to her room. Really, she just doesn't like being by herself.
  • Being denied watching Frozen.

Hutch Marshall - 7 months

How is my tiny baby so big already? And how is it possible that I love him more and more every day? There is nothing in the world sweeter to me than seeing my sweet babies playing, laughing or snuggling together. 

He's made huge strides in the last month in so many ways ... he already seems less and less like a baby. He's a boy (all boy!) with strong opinions about things, a need to be in charge and a desire to be MOVING, DOING or SEEING all the time. Reminds me a little of someone else I know ... But seriously, I was prepared to have this second baby with an entirely different personality and disposition than the first. In fact, I have a clone of the first. And I wouldn't change my strong-willed, strong-personality babies for anything (mostly).

We saw a big improvement in his movement/physical development after his tubes were put in place. He's finally back to rolling again, loves to sit and "stand" and marked his 7 month birthday with an earnest first stab at crawling. He's usually so busy moving and craning to see what's going on that he can't nurse for more than 2.3 seconds in a row. Now don't get me wrong. He's still a big fan of nursing, he's just doing toe touches, craning his neck and staying quite busy while doing it. And he's certainly learned how to "ask" to nurse ... by pulling on my shirt, sucking on my shoulders or shirt and in general screaming/growling till he gets what he wants.

The sleeping is finally happening. In his BED. Sometimes he stays asleep for SEVEN hours. IN A ROW. Sorry for the yelling. It's a pretty exciting thing around here. 

His sweet smile melts my heart. He must be the smiley-est baby ever. Until he's mad. He also grins like a lunatic for his people ... and for all pretty girls. And that laugh of his. Hilarious. I often beg Addie to make him laugh, because he laughs for her like no one else. And he loves to babble. He has a lot of important things to say and loves when we mimic or repeat him. 

The reflux is (I'm scared to say it) better. Not gone, but definitely better. His ears (also scared to say it) have remained clear since the tubes were put in. We are not, however, a fan of new teeth around here.

Weight:  17 pounds 6 oz
Length: 25.5 inches

New things:
  • TEETH!! The first came in about a week ago (bottom right) and the second the next day (bottom left). Exactly two weeks earlier than his sister's, and in the exact same order. We do not understand the need for teeth around here.
  • Y'all. We have quit the swing. I think he's only been in it two or three times over the last month. This is a miracle. He's sleeping better at night, as noted above, and napping a little better, too. He's down to two, sometimes three, naps a day. 
  • More babbling. His current favorite sound is dadadada ... uncool. But I guess only fair since his dear sister said mama first.
  • Sitting up like a champ. He never falls over. Unless he intends to. Occasionally moving from sitting to his tummy.
  • Doing a much better job of eating food. He's up to three meals a day and his favorites are apples, sweet potatoes, squash and pears. He gets really angry about peas, green beans and avocado. Still some tears, especially at dinnertime. He definitely doesn't care for anything with texture ... so looks like he'll be on the pureed diet for quite awhile.
  • I think we saw the beginning stages of crawling today. He pretty much hates being on his tummy (unless he's sleeping) so he won't stay in that position for long. But today he, surprisingly, pulled his knees up under his tummy and moved himself forward a few inches. He was on a mission to get one of sister's toys.
  • Spending more time in the nursery at church, which he seems to really like. He did great there for four days in a row while I taught VBS, and he's done great on Sunday mornings. He'll start "school" there in the fall. Perhaps by then he'll decide to take a bottle ...
  • Speaking of bottles, he stayed overnight with my parents while Jordan and I went to a wedding in Tulsa. And he DID take several bottles pretty easily. He did not, however, sleep much. And he did cry. A whole lot.
  • Starting some separation anxiety. I think I'm number one on his list, and even when I briefly leave the room, he makes his opinion about that known. Loudly. He is not a fan of being in the same room/near me if I'm not the one holding him. 
  • Chewing. On everything. Kitchen utensils are high on his list - particularly a little rubber whisk and spatulas of any shape and size. And spoons.
  • Sophie the giraffe. We would not have made it through those first two teeth with dear Sophie.
  • The Happy song. We play it, he dances. It's amazing.
  • Frozen. Seriously. We watch this movie a lot at our house. He now cranes his neck to see it if it's on, and also dances to the songs. He's also very interested in his sister's Frozen books.
  • Pretty girls are still a major priority for him. He also loves to look at other babies and kids. 
  • Looking for Mia and Izzy. And "patting" them (which means pulling their fur out while being told "gentle hands, Hutch")
  • Rolling. Finally we are back to rolling. He started really early but was on a bit of a hiatus. He rolls like a lunatic in his crib, but now is finally rolling a bit, slowly both ways, on the floor. He's figured out that going from his back to his tummy helps him reach things.
  • Addie's Little People Farm. He is crazy about chewing on the animals. Also loves the sounds it make and the incredible animal sounds his momma can make. 
  • Sleeping with his lovie and blankie. The way he holds onto his lovie makes me melt. And he also loves to cover his face with it while sleeping.
  • Being naked. Or just in a diaper will work too. He's had a delightful time discovering one of Addie's favorite summer activities, which is "painting" with water and a paint brush on the back porch. Although she's usually dismayed that he just wants to spill his water and chew on the brush and cup.
  • Swimming. And chewing on pool rings.
  • Bath time. Although he's lately been trying to stand up in his little pink bath tub (which we put in the big tub). Probably time to make the move to the regular tub with sister.
  • His puppy piano, music table and stationary jumper. Really anything that makes music.
  • Books with flaps or things to touch. Particular favorites are touchy-feely books about a cow, a giraffe and an elephant, which were sister favorites too.
  • His crazy momma's singing. Personal faves are Itsy Bitsy and Skidamarink 
  • Pat-a-cake and peekaboo. 
  • His sister. She's his favorite. She can always make him laugh and smile. He looks at her with such complete adoration. And I melt.
  • The paci.
    • Being away from his momma. Or his sister. He's extra fussy/clingy on the days she's at school.
    • His teeth.