Saturday, March 15, 2014

Addison Mae - 31 months

She's a big girl. Who's wearing big girl panties. And constantly making me laugh. And exasperating me. Her brother's babyhood has really made me realize how grown up she is. She loves to talk about when she'll be three and tell anyone who will listen what she'll get to do when she's three (which includes going to preschool, play soccer and take dance).

Weight: ~28.5 pounds
Length: ~32 inches

 New things:
  • Big girl panties. And NO accidents in them at all. She's pretty amazing.
  • Enrolling for preschool in the fall. I am kinda a mess. So excited that she's going to Warm World (or Warm Warm, as she calls it), which her momma is a proud grad of, but I cannot believe she is old enough to start preschool. I have also realized her first day of preschool will be her brother's first day of mother's day out ... someone please have wine and Kleenex on hand for me after drop off that day...
  • Her teachers at school are amazed that they can have full, relevant conversations with her. She recently told them all about our upcoming trip to Ponca City, who was going with us, who would be there, that my mom had been to the doctor, my mom's doctor's name, etc. She also gave me a full report about her teacher's son, who's had a stomach bug. The talking is seriously insane.
  • Using the word "certainly." "I certainly love you, Mommy. And I love to say certainly."
  • Asking why. All the time. About everything. And driving me crazy.
  • Peeing in a cup at the doctor's office. Which was highly thrilling for her. She was super disappointed that she only got to do it once.
  • Holding imaginary classes at home, where of course she is the teacher. She likes to teach Gymboree and music classes, just like she has at school. It's not always required that we participate, but she lets us know if we need to. Sometimes we get to be her friends and sometimes we are other teachers. She sings the songs, in order, gives instructions, sends people to time out, brings out Gymbo the clown, gives out stamps for those who are cooperating, gets everyone ready for naptime ... it's SO hilarious.
  • An OBSESSION with the Curious George book she received from her cousins. It has six or eight stories in it and we literally read it before every nap and bedtime. "Mommy, I want Curious George. I will pick out the story."
  • A super fun trip to Ponca City to visit my aunt and uncle, cousin and her girls. We've been to Ponca lots of times before, but Addie totally held her own with the big girls and was entirely comfortable with everyone this time.

  • All crafts. We recently made little bird feeders out of blueberries and Cheerios. Mostly she ate the decorations, but she loved it. Loves to paint, use markers, play with chalk ...
  • Cooking with me or her Grammie. Especially baking cookies.
  • Parties. Especially the birthday variety.
  • Cheese.
  • Going with her Daddy to get take out. Or even better going out to eat with us. Saturn Grill (aka the "pizza place") is her fave
  • Playing outside. Thank goodness for some nice weather recently.
  • Watching basketball.
  • Knowing exactly what's on her schedule for the day. And the next day. Upon waking up, she always asks, "Where we going today, Mommy?"
  • Cupcakes.
  • Watching movies, especially Toy Story, Shrek and Monster's Inc.
  • Picking out diapers for her brother.
  • Helping with her brother's tummy time.
  • When her brother wears gloves.
  • Her BFF Stella.
  • She still loves going to the library on Tuesday mornings. Loves her class, especially when they sing songs or there is a craft involved, and she loves to pick out books. Clifford, Biscuit and Curious George are favorites right now.
  • Playing kitchen.
  • Being told to go to time out. "But I don't want to go, Mommy."

Hutch Marshall - 3 months

This sweet baby boy is getting so big! And SO busy. He pretty much never quits moving, even in his sleep, evidenced by his constant Houdini-ing out of his swaddle. I was a little surprised at his 2 month check up (closer to 3 months) that he is now only in the 50th percentile of weight. Even our ped picked him up and said, "Wow, he is stout."

He loves bath time, his sister, his Taggie puppy and his blue octopus (if you remember, this was a  staple for his sister, too.) He is so interactive with anyone and everyone. He loves to smile and "talk." He really loves to have intent conversations with the octopus. Or that really cute baby he sees in the mirror.

Sleeping is getting better. He's just waking once per night to eat, though usually he requires several paci-replacements during the night. His crazy mom has insisted he have a bedtime and more of a schedule ... he happens to be exactly like his sister, which means he doesn't really adhere to a schedule ... so basically we're just following his napping and eating cues and calling it a schedule.
The colic/reflux is nonexistent some days ... and kinda rough others. He's still nowhere near as intense as his sister was, so we're counting our blessings there. I can definitely tell that it's worse on days when he's overtired or overstimulated.

Weight: 13 pounds, 7 ounces
Length: 24 inches

New things:
  • Oh the talking! He loves to sit in our laps and have a full conversation with us. Or with his Taggie puppy. Or blue octopus. Or especially his sister.
  • Awesome head control
  • Holding himself all the way up on his forearms.
  • One roll over (tummy to back). I think it was accidental. And likely mom-induced
  • More intently batting at toys
  • Houdini-ing out of his swaddle
  • An 8 pm bedtime, which is magical for his parents. Both babies in bed by 8:30. Dreamfeed at 10 pm and usually sleeping until 4 or 5 for his next feeding. Usually going back to sleep (typically in his swing, mind you) till 8.
  • More of a "routine," which usually includes 4-5 naps and 7-9 feedings per day.
  • Sleeping more in his crib rather than the swing. A few nights he's gone all night in the crib, and we've been successfully attempting most naps in the crib.
  • Just starting to notice his dog and cat. Who both love him, by the way.

    • His swing. He might be sleeping in it till he's 12.
    • His ocean play mat.
    • Tummy time. Less crying now that he can really hold himself up. His wiggly little self will be rolling over in no time.
    • Bath time.
    • Any books with pictures of babies or animals. He gets SO animated - talking, kicking and swinging those arms.
    • Being held. Being rocked. I'm constantly reminding myself to enjoy this part because someday my 12 and 14 year old children probably won't let me do this anymore
    • His sister. He looks at her like she hung the moon. And usually the feeling is mutual.
    • Being naked. The nightly naked kicking routine is in full effect. Just like his sister, when he's particularly upset in the evenings, pulling off his clothes and putting him on a soft blanket usually does the trick.
    • His super soft, snuggly swaddle. When he's getting sleepy during the day, I'll put him in it for a nap and he starts grinning immediately. And then passes out.
    • Kicking. And flinging his arms. He is STRONG.
    • Eating remains near and dear to his heart.
      • Being confined. This boy likes to MOVE. Though he loves being held and being swaddled, I can totally tell when he's trying to say, "put me DOWN! I need to wiggle."
      • His tummy.
      • Taking a bottle. A la his sister.
      • His itchy head. Cradle cap is improving. After literally trying every remedy under the sun, our dr recommended a tar-based shampoo that's helping.