Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hutch Marshall - 15 months

We have a walker!!! Just like someone else I know, he took his sweet time about it, and it was kicking a soccer ball and pushing the door button at church that really incited him to walk. Whatever floats your boat, dude. He still spends some of his time crawling and loses his balance somewhat frequently, but the boy is upright. He's very proud of his new skill, too.

And the talking. In preparation for his 15 month appointment this morning, I tried to count all the words he says ... somewhere in the vicinity of 30-35. His sweet sister was saying twice that many words at his age, so I have to remind myself that average is 4-6 words at this point. He's a smarty. With a very large head (82nd percentile). The rest of him remains little ... 12th in height and 30th in weight, after making up the weight he lost while sick over the past 6 weeks. 

He loves making animal noises, singing, imitating his sister and trying to say anything we say. Hummus is pretty much his favorite thing on the planet. He loves to make us laugh - just today at the doctor's office he was playing peek-a-boo with the sanitary paper on the table, as well as pretending to blow his nose on it and laughing at himself. I'm so thankful he's finally feeling better and acting more like himself. Pneumonia was followed by another virus, a clogged tube/ear infection, a viral throat infection and Roseola. Momma's done with winter.

Just don't ask about the sleeping. There have been a few blessed nights where he's staying in his crib all night, albeit with a few rocking sessions added in. Someday?

Weight:  21 pounds
Length: 26.5 inches

New things:
  • WALKING! Some mamas never want their babies to start walking, which I totally get, but I am all about the added mobility. He was already such a climber, so he was getting into everything anyway. Walking next to him, holding his little hand, going at snail speed, just makes me feel happy. 
  • Kicking the soccer or any ball. Just like sister.
  • Some of my new favorite words are "huma" for hummus, "butta" for belly button and button, "nack" for snack (a la his sister), "pas" for paci, "up" in reference to being picked up, and woah. When this guy is tired and says "night night?" usually while pointing at his paci or a blankie ... I just melt. He always points at his bookshelf for a story before he goes to bed.
  • Asking for a kiss by smacking his lips at you. This is also how he currently blows kisses. 
  • Doing everything sister does, including flipping off the couch. Which almost always results in tears. 
  • Obsessing about light switches. The only one he can really reach is on a brick pillar behind the couch. He spends a lot of time turning it on and off. Someone else used to do the same thing at this age. 
  • Saying a few more animal noises. When we walked into the doctor's office today, he immediately pointed at pictures of the elephant and giraffe and made horse noises ... so there's that. 
  • Really listening to us when we ask him to do, or not do, something. And occasionally actually doing what we say. I'm amazed at his capacity to understand us.
  • Singing some of the songs from music class - favorites are a section that goes "lalalala" and another "wee wee wee." He also loves a song on a VBS CD in my car that sounds like it says "uh oh" - as soon as he hears it he starts singing "uh oh, uh oh, uh oh." This boy LOVES music.

  • Music class. Now that he's walking, he likes to go all around the room, saying hi to everyone and getting in their personal space. He loves the teacher and loves the music. 
  • Meeting and greeting. Anyone and everyone. Pretty girls in particular. I looked at Jordan the other day and said it's really a shame our children are both such wall flowers. 
  • Going to the park or being outside. 
  • Playing in the snow. Eating the snow. 
  • Hummus and peanut butter remain his favorites. 
  • Patting Jordan and me. So sweet. 
  • Church and school. He's slowly transitioning to the 1-year-old room at school now that he can walk.
  • Buttons, as in the kind that make noise or do something.
    • Being patient. Or being hungry. The two usually go hand in hand.
    • Not immediately going somewhere when he yells "bye?!?"
    • Not being held. Or being held when he wants to get down.