Monday, April 13, 2015

Addison Mae - 3 years, 8 months

This girl. She is seriously amazing. So smart, so sassy, so strong. I'm so proud of the girl she's growing into, who loves to pray, talk about heaven, tell you when you're wrong and eat M&Ms. We had a wonderful Easter, and we are having a blast watching her play soccer. She's actually really good and has scored several goals. She even plays defense and often says "I'm going to get it away from the other team." She's also a great sport and loves to cheer on her teammates from the sidelines. She is still loving gymnastics and music class, and bossing her brother.

Weight: 31 pounds
Length: 36.5 inches

 New things:
  • Being a soccer star. We're so proud of how hard she's working at it!
  • Writing words constantly - she just asks how to spell things and she can write it. 
  • Helping her brother learn new words. 
  • Still excelling in school and loving being a leader whenever possible. 
  • Making up her own prayers, which are always very sweet and impressive.
  • Officially asking Jesus into her heart at breakfast several weeks ago. Be still MY heart. 

  • Going to the zoo remains near and dear to her heart. 
  • Music class with bubs. She's so great with all the smaller kids, but of course she loves to give answers first and be the smartest one in the class.
  • Reciting the weekly Bible verse in chapel.
  • Helping others. She was very excited about the recent charge in Sunday School to raise money to purchase Bibles for children who don't have them. And she's constantly talking about and praying for a little girl in Africa we are sponsoring.
  • "Reading" books to her bubs, or to us. 
  • Going to the park or playing outside. 
  • Riding her scooter like a champ. She's gets praised by all the neighbors whenever she's out on it. 
  • Helping with laundry (I LOVE her!)
  • Fancy Nancy
  • Gymnastics. She's so brave and will always be the first to try something new.
  • Storms. :( She can usually be found in our bed when one's blowing through.
  • Brother stealing any of her attention

Hutch Marshall - 16 months

It didn't take long for my little walker to become a RUNNER. Away from me. Out the door. Y'all, I cannot keep up with this guy. And that walking helps with his other favorite skills of climbing, getting into everything and trying to jump/hop (hilarious). Pretty much whatever sister is doing is what he'll be found doing, too. 

Oh the talking ... I think he's just trying to keep up with sister. I swear he says two or three new words every day. And whatever we ask him to say he'll gladly try to repeat. He says the names of all three of his teachers at school, where he loves to go by the way (I think it has something to do with the snacks in particular). He can make lots of animal sounds, some of them correct! He is my little ham.

I shouldn't even put this in writing ... but he's sleeping. People. He's. Sleeping. In his bed. Seriously a miracle. He's always been great at putting himself to sleep, it's just that waking in the night (one million times) that was about to do us all in. We did what I'd call "sleep training light" for several nights. Basically going in when he cries, helping him lie down/find his paci, patting/singing, etc. and just not picking him up. And, amazing grace, it worked. He's even cuter to me now that he's staying in his own bed.

After noticing some vision/tracking issues over the past month to six weeks, we took him to an ophthalmologist last week. Apparently our little guy is extremely far-sighted, almost off the charts, which causes everything he sees to be blurry and is making one eye turn inward or appear crossed. Consequently, he's lost some vision in his left eye, which he's really not using much at all. The solution is glasses, forever, which has been a hard pill to swallow. Though we're so thankful it's correctable and not more serious, it's going to be a challenge to get this busy little guy to keep glasses on his face. And this momma's heart is already aching at the thought of potential teasing. Thankfully he's a tough little booger, and so is his over-protective sister. His glasses should be ready in about a week ... we'll let you know how he's doing!
Weight:  22 pounds
Length: 26.5 inches

New things:
  • The running. Facilitating the climbing. 
  • Opening all doors. And letting himself outside, in a diaper, in 40 degree weather. He's super proud of it, too.
  • A few more teeth - those canines are working hard to poke through. First trip to the dentist this afternoon. 
  • I love this little guy's command of words. Some new ones are outside (ah-sy? usually posed as a question because he ALWAYS wants to go outside), hug, Brooks (his BFF), all three of his teacher's names, thank you, cantaloupe, horse, bath (particularly when requesting one - this baby loves water), breakfast (bek-sast), egg, moon, cat ... and the list goes on.
  • Singing the hot dog song :) He also "sings" anytime I sing to him.
  • Following simple directions to put things away or help around the house. 
  • As mentioned above, staying in his own bed all night. We usually have to go in and help him settle once or twice, but people, this is NIGHT and DAY better than where we were with him. 
  • Showing you where most of your facial features are located. He especially loves to say "teeth" and cram his fingers practically down your throat
  • Easter egg hunting. He quickly caught on to the game, and he does love to put things in and out of containers, so it worked well for him. At his school Easter hunt, he was pretty content after selecting just three eggs and his teachers had to encourage him to keep finding them!

  • Shoes. Because that usually means he's going to get to go outside. 
  • Swinging on the patio. Outside? Whee? he says :)
  • Trucks, cars, diggers ... all manner of machinery. Which he also refers to as "whee"
  • Music class. I'm amazed at his ability to follow directions and join in with all the bigger kids. He absolutely loves it.
  • The zoo. 
  • His bed. HOORAY!!!!!!! Particularly the addition of a pillow
  • Going "bye." Anywhere will do.
  • Getting in sister's bed for a story. Although he's usually too busy jumping and trying to pull things off walls/shelves to actually setting for a story.
  • Books. He does love story time if there aren't many other distractions and often brings me a book to read to him, or I find him in his room surrounded by the books he's pulled off his shelves, looking at several at once. 
  • Picking up Addie from school or church. He usually gets picked up first, and he immediately asks, "Addie?"
  • Daddy. He's his No. 1. (whatever)
  • Woof woofs. All of them.
  • Stairs. Going up or down, or falling up or down, them. 
  • Pushing buttons.
  • Escaping from momma at every turn.
    • Waiting for more than 2 seconds for breakfast upon awakening
    • Watching sister and daddy on the soccer field. He cries for one or both of them continually.
    • Watching sister at gymnastics. He does not understand why he can't go in there, too!