Sunday, July 15, 2012

Addison Mae - 11 months

T-minus one month until baby girl is a whole year old. Where has the time gone?! I know Jordan and I are biased, but we're pretty sure our girl is a genius. She's talking up a storm and getting pretty much anywhere she wants to go. Her teachers at Starbright are amazed at how well she's talking, eating, drinking from a sippy cup, napping, playing, interacting ... and just in general being happy. I love when they tell me how she's progressing because, clearly, I've never done this before and have nothing to compare it to! It seems like every day Jordan and I or my mom and I are saying to each other, "did you know she could do this or say this?" I will admit that this girl of mine wears me slick, but there's nothing I'd rather be doing.

Weight: approx 18 pounds
Length: approx 28 inches

New things this month:
  • Crawling up on her knees, as opposed to the army crawl.
  • Standing on her own for a few seconds. When this girl starts walking, we're all in trouble.
  • Saying pawpaw, baby, night-night and something that sounds a lot like Addie. She loves to repeat, or try to repeat, what we say.
  • She also loves to sing "na-na na-na," which developed from Jordan's post-bath song to her ... "Who's that girl? Na na na na na na na na na na na. Addie's that girl. Na na na na na na na na na na na." As soon as the bath water starts draining, she starts singing.
  • Grabbing her hair when we ask where her bow goes.
  • Showing that she knows where your nose is by trying to pull it off. Also pointing to her teeth and toes when asked.
  • Following directions, when she wants to, like sit on your bo-bo (in the bathtub where she prefers to stand), put the ball in the cup, give Izzy a hug, can I have a kiss, put the hat on your head, throw the ball to me. If the directions include the word "no" it's guaranteed she won't listen. It's still amazing how much she understands what we're saying!
  • Trying to make elephant and monkey sounds when we ask what they say. I make a mean elephant and monkey so I can see why she'd want to repeat it
  • Putting hats on her head. Or someone else's head. Or even better taking hats off someone else's head.
  • Getting ear tubes. She acted like it was totally no big deal. Hoping these make a big difference for her and we can leave behind the awful ear infections and antibiotics.
  • The ball is still number one. Followed closely by Izzy and Izzy (aka Mia)
  • Eating. New favorite foods have been blueberries (which she calls balls), taco meat and pinto beans and peas
  • Dancing and bouncing to music. And singing as mentioned above
  • Swimming. Although she does not want to be in a float or encumbered in any way. She also loves to stick her face in the water.
  • Drumming on anything. Maybe she's going to be musical, although I am not sure how she would be considering who her parents are ...
  • Her night-night bunny
  • Her pillow pal, aka Lambie
  • Throwing food off her high chair tray for her dog, or to tell us she's done, or just for fun. She hears no a lot about this one.
  • The blinds. Another reason she hears no a lot.
  • Throwing toys at other children's heads. We've witnessed this and her Starbright teachers have, too. I think she's trying to teach them to catch.
  • Ice cubes
  • Drinking from a straw
  • Being interrupted when she's doing something important
  • Being constrained in any way
  • Sleeping in her own bed between the hours of 4 and 7 a.m.