Sunday, May 12, 2013

Addison Mae - 21 months

Addie is officially almost 2 years old, which she likes to make sure we know by saying "no" a lot, throwing temper tantrums and insisting on her way. Thankfully her sweet kisses, funny sense of humor and constant singing and dancing totally make up for it. We say a lot ... "thank goodness she's cute." Addie wrapped up her last day in the one-year-old room at school and will move up this summer. Her teachers still can't believe how much she is talking. And say they're glad not everyone talks as much as she does (I know ... it's exhausting!) I'm going to miss her wonderful teachers but I'm excited that she's grown and learned (and clearly talked) enough to move up. We visited my Mawmaw in Houson in April, which Addie loved. She also loves that the weather has been nice enough that we can play outside almost every evening. When Jordan comes home she often says, "Daddy home! Outside!" I know I say this a lot, but this beautiful girl of mine is brilliant. Even in the midst of her orneriness and stubborness, I'm proud of her independent streak and her need to figure things out for herself. And, let's be honest, she does get those traits somewhere ...

Weight: ~22 lbs
Length: ~30 inches

New things this month:
  • No more paci! Hallelujah! Now let me be clear that I was perfectly prepared for her to keep that thing till she was 21 if it made sleeping (for all of us) easier. But she rejected it for a few days at school so we tried taking it away at home, too. We had a couple nights where she asked for it at bedtime ... and one middle-of-the-night multiple hour screaming episode, but we all lived through it. And she's sleeping so much better than she ever has before. Putting herself to sleep easily and sleeping all night long. It's a miracle, people.
  • Using her favorite phrases over and over: No, Addie do it, I do it self, No Mommy, No touch Daddy, No do it Mommy, Addie turn, No, no, no, no, no ... you get the idea.
  • Saying approximately 1,000 word phrases. OK, not really ... but she can literally say anything she wants to, including: Oklahoma, Mommy fall down hurt knee, I see birdie right there, I hit Izzy go time out, I did play friends, I go party, I know Daddy is (which means don't know), Daddy are you come here!, Mommy go Addie, Daddy work (this makes her poor Daddy sad), Mommy pick up Addie school (this makes Mommy very happy) ...
  • Getting in and out of her carseat by herself. And getting really, really mad if we try to help.
  • "Helping" more around the house. She has started feeding Izzy and is an excellent helper in telling us when Izzy is low on food or water. She also likes to help unload the dishwasher.
  • Time out in the corner rather than her crib. This is sort of working ... except for the part where sometimes she puts herself in time out. Sometimes it's for a valid reason (and Jordan likes to remind me that although she gets lots of her orneriness from him, he would have never voluntarily put himself in time out) and sometimes she just likes to sit in the corner. I'm pretending like this is her learning how to remove herself from situations.
  • "Reading" her books to me. She knows most of her books by name and likes to turn the pages herself and "read" to me. Some are so short, and she's heard them so many times, that she can actually do a pretty good job.


  • Singing. Constantly. This just warms my heart. It she hears a song a few times, she can sing it. Or sometimes she just makes up words or nonsense to the tune. Reminds me a little of myself. She usually asks for Jesus Loves Me at bedtime (which she sings with me) but the other night requested Oklahoma.
  • Playing outside. I think her head almost exploded when we went over to a neighbors' house this weekend - they have a huge swingset/slide and a trampoline. Addie's version of heaven.
  • Getting really, really, really close to the swimming pool in Grammie and Pawpaw's back yard. Grammie and Mommy may have heart attacks by the end of the summer.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which she can request by name. We have at least 537 episodes on our DVR. I have seen all of them.
  • I haven't mentioned favorite foods in a while, except for breakfast crack, which she asks for almost every day. Other favorites are pancakes (especially if they include "topit tips" - chocolate chips), beans, turkey, pretty much any kind of fruit, tortillas, hummus and peas. She'll take a bite or two of sweets, but she's not usually very interested.
  • Babies. Unless her Mommy is touching them.
  • Counting to ten and sort of to twenty ... eleven, twelve, firteen, eleventeen, twenty. I love her.
  • Talking about her people. When we're going anywhere, she wants to know who is coming with her and who's going to be there. If someone's not going to be there (like Daddy or Pawpaw) she needs to know why and where they're going to be instead.
  • Pushing buttons. She especially loves to push the handicap button at church to open the main doors. When I tell her we're going to school/church, her immediate response is always, "I push the button, Mommy." As if I may have forgotten she needs to do that every time.

  • Not getting her way.
  • Time out. Unless she puts herself there.
  • Night night time.