Friday, April 6, 2012

Addison Mae - 8 months

When did this baby girl get so BIG? And so BUSY?! I've started calling Addie baby Jordan. If the shoe fits ... She is constantly on the move, wants to know where everyone is and is intent on getting what she wants, even if she can't get there on her own. Now, I realize that sounds more like me than Jordan ... but as babies I was fairly calm and content and he was BUSY. So basically the opposite of how we are now. Addie loves to eat and loves to feed herself. I love watching her sense of accomplishment when she actually gets something from her tray into her mouth. She's figured out her sippy cup, too. She's less and less interested in nursing and her bottle - usually because she has way too many things to do to sit still and eat. The best part about the past month has been Addie saying ma-ma. Whether she actually means it in relation to me makes no difference at all - still the sweetest thing I've ever heard! And the next best has been her giving slobbery, drooly, open-mouth kisses to Jordan and me. She may or may not just be trying to chew on us (see: worst part of the past month) but I'll take it either way. The worst has been those darn teeth. Poor thing has been teething fairly constantly since the beginning of February, but she does have four sweet little teeth to show for it. The other worst part was finding out that she has to have surgery to unblock the tear ducts in her right eye in late April. Though we love the doctor who's performing the surgery and it's a very minor procedure, we are going to be basketcases that day. Thankfully it's a very short (like 10 minute) procedure, but she does have to be sedated. And I'm wondering how in the world I will explain to her that she can't eat before the surgery ...

Weight: 16 pounds, 2 oz
Length: around 25.5 inches

New things this month:
  • Saying ma-ma. :) I don't know that she knows what the heck she's saying, but she does say it a lot around me. And to Jordan, which is rather hilarious.
  • More teeth. In addition to the bottom two, she has the matching top set.
  • A little separation anxiety when we leave the room, she wakes in the night or we drop her at Starbright. And a definite preference for mom when she's sleepy/doesn't feel good.
  • Trying to pull up. Seriously, we're just going to move straight past crawling to running. She pulls herself to her knees with one of her big toys, me and the arm of the couch. She also tried it in the bathtub this week and about gave us a heart attack.
  • A little bit of scooting, mostly backwards instead of forwards. Have to start somewhere.
  • Moving from a sitting position to her belly and then to her back. And then rolling all over the floor.
  • Putting objects into a container, like blocks into a box. Most impressive is that she has a new octopus toy (yes, my baby continues to be obsessed with all sea creatures, octopuses in particular) where you place a ball in his hat or arm and it winds around and drops under one of five shoes. She can totally put a ball in the hat or arm all by herself. And then she smiles and laughs about it like she knows what a big deal she is. I am pretty sure she's a genius.
  • Giving kisses. Or just chewing on our faces.
  • Getting rid of her baby bathtub and taking baths like a big girl. And splashing, splashing, splashing. And occasionally taking a nose dive into the water. She does love to have the faucet turned on so she can put her hands, and sometimes her head, under the running water.
  • A few blessed nights of sleeping 12 hours straight. Hoping to make this the norm.
  • Moving toward longer, less frequent naps. Hallelujah.
  • The octopus toy mentioned above.
  • Any and all toys that make music/sound. The more obnoxious, the better.
  • Our crazy dog and cat. They have a special place in heaven for all the ear pulling and biting they take from her. At least Izzy now benefits from cleaning out the baby's highchair when I'm not looking.
  • Eating finger foods. She loves avocado, banana, puffs, Cheerios, pancakes, sweet potatoes and biscuits. Yum. She asks for her "big girl" breakfast, lunch and dinner much louder than she asks to nurse or for a bottle now.
  • Her sippy cup, which she can occasionally figure out herself. Such a big girl.
  • Spatulas remain near and dear to her heart.
  • Her seahorse toy that plays classical music. A new must-have for bedtime. And nighttime awakenings.
  • Playing peekaboo and pattycake.
  • Any and all animal sounds, preferably made by her super talented mother.
  • Having her teeth brushed.
  • Teething. I think we can all agree that the four teeth she has are plenty.
  • Ear infections. We've had two of those and that is also plenty.
  • Being constrained in any way, shape or form. I think she's making up for spending the first four months of her life swaddled.
  • Having her face wiped, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, boogers removed ... she doesn't want to be messed with!
  • Not being able to get where she wants to go or reach what she wants.
  • Being away from mom or dad.
  • Not being the center of attention. I have no idea where she got this.