Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hutch Marshall - 5 months

This guy. He is pretty much amazing. His classic wide-eyed look really just means he's totally taking in the world around him. He's so observant and is definitely of the opinion that he needs to see and know what is going on around him at all times. (Sound familiar????) He is wild about his sister. No one can calm him down like she can. He's been laughing some, but he recently laughed for the first time at her, when she was playing peekaboo with him. Melt. He's also crazy about his daddy and strains to see him when he comes home from work. 

He's still moving ... all the time ... even in his sleep. He still loves to smile at just about anyone. Although he's definitely got a preference for his momma and has decided he doesn't really want me to be out of his sight.

Two more ear infections this month. The very first one didn't respond to meds, the second we treated with injections, which didn't seem to work, and the third was capped off with a visit to the ENT and tubes the same day. And he's had his first visit to Kids 1st after hours clinic. Someone is following in his sister's footsteps. 

Weight:  17 pounds, 3 ounces
Length: 24 inches

New things:
  • Sort of sitting up. With a lot of assistance. He can stay upright for a few seconds on his own. And he totally loves the new vantage point and gets cranky on his back now.
  • Grabbing our faces to inspect our lips, nostrils, hair, etc. His sister doesn't quite understand this and his inspections of her usually end in her crying and saying "He's hitting me mommy!!! Time out!"
  • Being more interested in his toys and reaching/grabbing for them. Transferring things from hand to hand.
  • Discovering his feet. And rocking the happy baby pose.
  • Rolling onto his back to his tummy a few times. 
  • "Talking" all the time. Especially when he's in his car seat. He loves to "talk" to an actual person, but just jabbering to himself works, too. He's loud. :)
  • Laughing more. Sweet, sweet little sound. I am often completely ridiculous and/or injure myself in the process of hearing that baby giggle.
  • The cat. He loves to grab her fur, her ears, her whiskers. And chew on her if he can get her close enough. 
  • The dog. He's finally able to really see her. He smiles and opens his mouth when she licks him.
  • His stationery jumper. The first time we put him in it and he was able to push some buttons to make music, I swear his head almost exploded. Big eyes for sure.
  • "Standing up," with help of course. He prefers this position above all others. Perhaps it's because it feels best on his poor little tummy, but I also think it's an indicator that he's pretty much ready to start running now.
  • The swing. It's pretty much number one in his life, still.
  • Being swaddled. He'll be both swaddled and in his swing for sleeping till he's 23.
  • Sophie the giraffe has made a comeback. He's in love.
  • Bath time. In his little tub, in the big tub with his sister. I'm pretty sure there are warning labels all over his little tub that warn against this, but whatever.
  • His sister. When he's fussy, she's often the only thing that can make him happy. He'll pause in his fussing/crying to smile/laugh at her, and then resume fussing.
  • His toes. They haven't made it into his mouth yet. It's coming.
  • His hands. He LOVES to chew on them and has been sucking his thumb some.
  • He still loves to look tough with his self-inflicted head wounds. The cradle cap looks better, but he insists on making himself look like he's starring in a slasher film. I am SO over random people asking me what the heck happened to him. I let him play with razor blades, OK?
    • Being alone. He prefers to be held. Or entertained. 
    • Sleeping. Unless he's sleeping on me.
    • Sitting in his high chair. We're trying to include him in dinnertime, without always holding him, and he's not having it. Perhaps when he actually starts eating dinner he'll like it better.