Monday, November 10, 2014

Hutch Marshall - 11 months

This time last year I was doing everything in my power to keep this rambunctious boy in my belly. Now he's almost a year old! How does the time go so quickly?!?

This boy is the light of our lives. He loves to make his people laugh and is (not surprisingly) quite a ham. He's also very independent and, as his Grammie says, should be the star on the bizarre show his daddy loves, How It's Made. He's constantly trying to figure things out.

We are amazed at how smart he is and how much he's talking. He has a pretty great role model in his big sister.

He LOVES to eat and although he has less and less interest in nursing, his momma is still his fave. Seriously, though, I am terrified at what this kid's going to be like in his teens. He screams and cries to get in his high chair, where the eating happens, and always shovels food with two fists like he's starving. I imagine things will be quite similar at age 13.

After a bout of trying to take him off reflux meds, and two straight weeks of pretty much no sleep for anyone, he's back on them. And as an added bonus, covered in essential oils that will supposedly help him calm down and sleep. We'll try anything.

I'm slowly but surely planning this guy's big one year party, while living in complete denial that my baby has grown up so much.

Weight:  19.5 pounds
Length: 26.5 inches

New things:
  • More and more and more talking. He's definitely saying milk, usually yelled at me, but also for his cup. He says "hi" while waving ... at everyone. He also says hat (while putting any available object on his head), all done (complete with sign language), ball, Pawpaw, "this" (while pointing) ... and he sometimes calls the cat Ma ... or something that sounds like either Mia or meow. He calls bananas either nana or ba.
  • Pulling up constantly, and cruising minimally. And standing up in the bathtub.
  • Finally eating avocado. I guess we'll keep him.
  • And eating lots of new things. His favorites are banana, sweet potato, pancakes and chicken. He's liked beans, brisket, pork tenderloin, sausage ... all fruits and most veggies. He also loved drinking water from a water bottle.
  • Imitating everything. Addie is very into letters and their sounds, so when she's sounding out a word to figure out what it starts with (G-G-G Grammie, starts with G!), Hutch is in the background saying dadadadada ... like he's trying to participate.
  • First hair cut! He did not care for the holding still part. But now he can see and looks less like a heathen.
  • Dancing to any music remains near and dear to his heart.
  • Laughing when we laugh, and delighting when he does something that makes us laugh.
  • Pulling everything he can reach off the fridge, which usually includes sister's priceless artwork.
  • Chasing Mia and trying to lay down on her. Doing better with "pat pat pat", instead of pulling her fur out.
  • He loved going to Gymboree one Saturday with me. Loved the music and bright colors, and especially the pretty girl babies.
  • Continued obsession with doors and toilets.
  • Picking up toys and turning them all over to see how they work.
  • Loves putting objects into and out of containers.
  • Stacking/nesting blocks, particularly putting the blocks on his head and saying "hat"
  • A hand-me-down signing Handy Manny toolbox. The tools dance. It plays music. It's pretty much his favorite thing ever.
  • Playing with his sister. Anything and everything she does is magical to him.
  • Down to four nursing sessions a day. When I ask him if he wants milk, he makes a laughing/crying combo sound and waves his hands frantically. :)
    • Sleeping.
    • His stationary jumper. He no longer believes in stationary.
    • Having anything taken away from him, including things like dirt or sticks that he's trying to eat.