Monday, April 14, 2014

Addison Mae - 32 months

This girl of mine is such a little person. With a BIG personality. And lots to say. As much as she can drive me up the walls, I love her more fiercely than I ever knew I was capable of. She is such a light in our lives whose sense of humor and sweet heart constantly surprise me. She's also a bit of a nutcase, which she comes by quite naturally. She loved her bubby's baptism this past month and was not interested in being held when we went up on the big stage for it. She was seriously eyeing the holy water during the prayer and kept brushing her daddy's hand off her shoulder when he tried to confine her. Miss Independent. She has loved getting ready for Easter with our Lent candles, Easter activities and crafts. She loves to talk about Jesus "coming out of the rock."

Weight: ~29 pounds
Length: ~32 inches

 New things:
  • Continuing to say "why." About everything. All. The. Time.
  • Saying lots of funny things.
    • When her ped thought she had bronchitis, we, of course, taught her to say, "Bronchitis - ain't nobody got time for that."
    • Telling her teachers at church "Mommy yelled and banged the table this morning." She's already telling on me. Thankfully her sweet teachers responded with, "Well, what did you do that caused mommy to yell and bang the table?" Mother of the year right here.
    • When I told her "Stop bossing Daddy. You are not in charge of him" she responded with, "Because you are?" You got it.
    • When we made resurrection rolls (marshmallows wrapped in crescent rolls ... with the idea being the marshmallow is supposed to dissolve when baked, representing the empty tomb), our marshmallows leaked out all over the plan. Not exactly what we were going for. But she was delighted: "Look Mommy! Jesus comed out of the rock!!"
    • When coloring and cutting out pictures depicting the various events during Lent, holding the cup of wine representing the Last Supper, pretending to drink it and saying, "Yummy. I am drinking wine."
  • An obsession with wearing nightgowns to bed
  • Getting to "drive" a fire truck ... really just sit in it, but she was convinced she was driving
  • Growling, literally, when she gets really mad about something. Usually accompanied by flinging arms or a flopping body. No drama here.
  • Being diagnosed with asthma. Boo. Bring on the twice-daily inhaler and oral steroids.
  • Losing one ear tube. And immediately getting an ear infection. I had forgotten how much ear infections suck. Between her and her brother, I now remember very clearly.

  • Her bubby. She wants to be with him pretty much all the time. When I suggest we do something just the two of us, she usually wants to know if he can come too.
  • Speaking of her bubby, making him laugh, which she's pretty great at
  • Praying. She loves to tell Jesus what she's thankful for and pray for our friends and family. Be still my heart.
  • Being outside. Thank goodness for the (mostly) nicer weather. She loves to play in our front yard or with the neighbor kiddos or go to the park.
  • Going to Pawpaw's work.
  • Having her face painted. This was a new activity that she was rather unsure about, but immediately afterward she said, "Let's do that again." She was a little devastated when it had to be washed off.
  • Granola. I know, random. She made some with me and now is almost as obsessed as I am.
  • Crafting and cooking remain near and dear to her heart.
  • Playing with play dough
  • Reading books - and I mean her pretending to read. Although she's heard her Curious George book enough that it actually appears she's really reading it. Kinda amazing.
  • Her new inhaler. I know, weirdo. But I'm glad she thinks it's fun rather than dreads it.
  • Lighting our Lent candles. Though she usually calls them the Advent candles, she's been quick to remind us on Sundays that we "need to do the candles." She also amazingly can remember all the candles specific names.
  • Starting gymnastics again. Her favorite parts are the "zip" (zip line, which she can now do all by herself) and jumping. Though there are three trampolines, she prefers the one where she can wear a belt, operated by her teacher, that helps her do flips. Daddy's girl.
  • Easter eggs. The plastic variety. She loves to hide them for us or ask us to hide them for her. 
  • Not getting her way.
  • Being told to go to time out, or told that if she does xxx one more time she'll have to go to time out. She responds with, "But I don't want to."

Hutch Marshall - 4 months

The changes in this sweet boy over the last month have been dramatic. He's no longer a newborn, definitely a baby who's very interested in interacting with the world around him. His sweet nature means he loves to smile at and "talk" to pretty much anyone. While his sister and I remain near and dear to his heart, he has really developed an eye (and ear) for his daddy. He just lights up for him and strains to find him in the room when he hears his voice. He's also very interested in his cat, who seems to be much easier for him to see than his big dog. I do love that he seems to save his biggest, brightest smiles for his momma and that when he's really upset he calms more readily for me. There is just nothing better than being a mom!

Personality wise, I think he's definitely more chill than his sister, but he can certainly bring out the high-maintenance drama if needed. If possible, I think he's even busier than she was at this age. He's ALWAYS moving and he's so strong. His first (double) ear infection means his colic/reflux have been on high as the meds really exacerbate everything. That also has meant not a lot of sleep. For anyone.

Aside from watching him delight in the world around him, the highlight of our month was his baptism. Though he was fast asleep in my arms when it started, that water on his little head brought him wide awake and his little eyes were like saucers. But no tears. We had a great time during the service and afterward at a brunch at Grammie and Pawpaw's house with lots of family and friends. Baptisms always make me weepy (even if I don't know the children!). I genuinely believe having our babies baptized is one of the single most important decisions we'll ever make for them, and I hope we can raise them in such a way to choose Jesus as their Savior for themselves as they grow older.

Weight: 14 pounds, 15 ounces
Length: 24 inches

New things:
  • Rolling! From his tummy to his back. And looking totally confused, then totally proud of himself when he does. Also rolling onto his side occasionally. 
  • Discovering his hands. And shoving them in his mouth as hard as he can. He seriously looks like he's trying to chew them off. He's eyed his toes a few times as well.
  • Discovering his ... ahem ... boy parts. I was totally unprepared for this to happen so soon.
  • Discovering his tongue. Sticking it out, blowing raspberries and drooling a whole, whole, whole lot.
  • Ear infections. Here we go again. Baby boy had a double ear infection over spring break, followed by a round of antibiotics that cleared up one ear but not the other, followed by a second round of antibiotics that finally kicked it. Is it too early to ask for tubes????
  • I'm going to go ahead and say laughing. It's not a belly laugh but definitely a little chuckle. Sweetest sound in all the world.
  • He still loves the swing. It's like a drug. We're trying slowly to wean him off of it. 
  • His ocean play mat. And the blue octopus is still a favorite.
  • He's starting to light up for his lovies - especially a brightly colored monkey. He loves to hug it on his bare tummy. 
  • Books. That sweet boy gets so animated when we read to him he practically jumps off my lap.
  • Being naked is still a favorite. He starts to grin immediately when we take his clothes off.
  • Bath time. And splashing so much that his mom and the bathroom are soaked by the time we're done. 
  • "Talking." His favorite place to be in in someone's lap, or next to his sister, where he has the devoted attention of his holder. He loves when I sing to him or make goofy noises. 
  • Seeing his sister first thing in the morning. His big smile for her is like he's saying, "Man, I missed you during the night!"
  • He still loves to eat, but he's started pausing in the middle of nursing to look up at me and smile and talk. I remember that being one of my very favorite things about nursing Addie, too.
    • Taking a bottle is still a struggle. Somehow Jordan can get him to eat, but he's the only one with the magic touch.
    • His ears. Poor little guy. Even though we know his ears are clear, he's still messing with them like he remembers that they used to hurt.
    • His tummy.