Sunday, March 18, 2012

Addison Mae - 7 months

A little late on this one, too ... I guess we've been super busy the past few months! Addie's seventh month was marked by teething, another ear infection, a cold and a fever ... so it was a little rough on all of us. But in the midst of all that, for the most part, she continued to be my sweet, happy, BUSY girl! She is moving all the time. And starting to get really frustrated when she can't move when and where she wants to. Her little body just can't keep up with her brain! She continues to change so much every day. She'll start a new skill one day and have perfected it within the next two or three. I'm pretty sure she's a genius. I think (fingers crossed) the colic is gone for good.

Weight: around 16 pounds
Length: around 25.5 inches

New things this month:

  • ROLLING! Front to back, back to front and all across the floor. She has figured out that it's an excellent way to get to something out of her reach.
  • Even more babbling and "talking." Loves to explore new sounds and watch our mouths move.
  • Obsessing about where Izzy and Mia are. When we talk about what the dog or cat say (she's very into animal sounds and I am a professional at making just about any animal sound), she looks and looks around for those two.
  • TEETH! Those suckers caused her lots and lots of pain and discomfort. The first bottom tooth came in, followed by the second about two weeks later. Boy were we glad to see them finally poke through.
  • She's perfected sitting up and falls over almost never. She likes to try to sit up while she's nursing. That's fun for me.
  • Reaching for mom and dad. Be still my heart.
  • Starting the Starbright Children's Day Out at our church. This was, to put it mildly, slightly stressful for me. Addie had a bit of a tough time at first but she has adjusted really well and her teachers have been so sweet and patient with her. Her grammie has been missing having her at her house, though.
  • Izzy and Mia win. They are her favorites. Well, Jordan and I rank pretty high, too.
  • Eating "big girl" food, which mostly consists of baby food. We've tried small pieces of banana and avocado, which she likes. Mostly she just slimes them around her tray.  
  • Her puppy piano, which she got for Valentine's Day. I may or may not be able to sing every song, in the correct order, on cue.
  • Blocks. On a day when she was slightly fussy and I was out of idea, I got the block set out of her closet. I thought she was still a little young to appreciate them. I was wrong. She loves when I stack them up and she can push them over.
  • Loves all her bath toys.
  • Crazy about her stationary jumper. Much more fun now that those feet can touch the ground.
  • Swinging! We tried out the swing on our neighborhood jungle gym, and although she was pretty suspicious at first, now she loves it.
  • This girl likes to be BUSY. She wants to know where every noise comes from, where everyone is located and what they are doing at all times.
  • All manner of kitchen utensils. Spatulas are her favorite and now when we pull them out of the drawer she grins because she knows they're for her. And if I was thinking about using it for, I don't know, cooking, it quickly gets relinquished to the queen of my heart.
  • Chewing. On anything.
  • Not being able to get where she wants to go. I think she's going to be running at any point. She is forever acting like she wants to get down when we're holding her, like she wants to stand/walk, etc. She has places to go and people to see!

Addison Mae - 6 months

If you wondered if you missed Addie turning 6 months old, you didn't. I wrote the blog, took the pics, just never posted. So here it is ... just a month or so late!

    I am trying not to get weepy about the fact that my little peanut is six whole months old. How does the time fly by this fast? Addie has changed dramatically over the past month, and we are just trying to keep up. We experienced her first ear infection (boo) and learned she has reflux (double boo) but in general her colic seems to be so much better. We still have episodes now and then but they are fewer and farther between.

    Weight: 15 pounds, 2 ounces
    Length: 25.5 inches

    New things this month:
    • Laughing, squealing, babbling and in general having a whole little conversation with herself or us. We try not to tell her that we have no idea what she's saying.
    • Putting those toes in her mouth. Or her socks will do just fine.
    • Still doing the same amount of rolling as last month and still can't quite figure out how to roll over that shoulder/arm to get to her tummy from her back. Thankfully trying to reach her dog or cat is helping her learn this skill.
    • Sitting up! We've been practicing and practicing since she had to be able to sit by herself to attend the Children's Day Out program at our church. She seems to love her new vantage point of the world.
    • Eating fruits and veggies. The first time she tries something she acts like it's the most disgusting thing she's ever tasted. (Pears and bananas being the exception.) But after a few times she has loved everything we've given her. So far her diet includes: green beans, peas, avocado, sweet potatoes, bananas, pears and prunes.
    • Drinking water from a cup. Now anytime she sees someone with a Joe's or Saturn Grill cup she grunts and reaches until she gets a drink or gets her own drink. She prefers big people cups to her sippy cup.
    • Reaching for toys that are out of reach, transferring toys from hand to hand and occasionally reaching for mom and dad.
    • Paying attention to everything going on around her. I think she has some early-onset ADD. :) She is constantly stopping her feedings to try to see the TV, the dog or cat running by, her dad making noise in the kitchen. All noises need her attention immediately. My favorite is when we're playing in the living room and she hears her dad come in the back door - she looks and strains until she sees him and then grins and laughs.
    • Licking. She seems to have really discovered her tongue, and she loves to lick our faces, noses, the dog, the cat, whatever she can find. I think it's her version of a kiss.
    • Her number one like is still her hands. They are in her mouth constantly. And she likes to use them to grab anything she can get and put that in her mouth, too.
    • She definitely has eyes for her mom and dad. When someone else is holding her, she looks around until she finds us.
    • Watching us eat. She follows each bite from our plates to our mouths.
    • Her stationary jumper. Her feet don't exactly touch the ground yet, but she loves the music it makes and all the toys she can conveniently get in her mouth.
    • Still loves to be read to, especially each night before bed.
    • Her new ladybug nightlight, which projects stars and the moon onto the ceiling. As soon as we turn out the light each night before bed, she immediately looks up to the ceiling for the stars.
    • Crazy kid still loves my singing.
    • I think she likes bathtime more and more every day. She likes it so much she didn't even protest at all during her baptism when the water was placed on her head.
    • Naps.