Saturday, November 10, 2012

Addison Mae - 15 months

This baby girl has 78 times more energy than I do, on a good day. Wish I could bottle this stuff so I could keep up! She is so busy and the talking is constant. She loves to be outside. She drinks about a gallon of milk a day. She is now obsessed with her paci (we are in trouble). She loves to share her food with anyone in range (even tried with a sweet retail worker recently). She is a total daredevil and would have gone over the back of the couch numerous times if we hadn't been there to stop her. Her dancing is the cutest thing I have ever seen. She yells at the TV during football games (where on earth did she learn that??). She pulls the cat's tail and fur a lot ... and then goes to time out. She looks at us while we tell her "no" about something, keeps doing it and laughs. She stops her whirlwind of movement several times a day for snuggles and kisses. She loves to be read to - says "book" and then starts backing up to get in our laps. Her sweet smile and funny sense of humor are the highlights of my day. Nothing soothes my soul more than her sweet, heavy, sleepy head on my shoulder.

Weight: 19 lbs
Length: 28 1/2 inches

New things this month:
  • An official Ipad obsession. She asks (insists in a very loud voice) for EIEIO or "Melmo," which means her apps on the Ipad.
  • Along the same lines, an obsession with "Melmo." We were looking at a Target ad and she started obsessing about "Melmo" - we didn't even know she knew who Elmo was. Turns out they have an Elmo toy at school and watch Elmo music DVDs. So she's also brilliant. And Sesame Street is now a daily occurence at our house.
  • Constant talking. My favorite words she says are "uh oh" and "turtle." She can literally say everything we say to her. She's also started saying "Addie" a lot more, which usually sounds like "Ahi" :)
  •  Drawing/coloring. They have craft time at school fairly regularly, and I can tell that she's figuring out how to hold crayons and make pictures. Although the crayons still usually end up in her mouth for a quick taste.
  • Houseshoes. Her obsession with shoes ("bees") continues, and she was completely thrilled when she got houseshoes for Halloween.
  • Telling me which book she wants. "Mouse" applies to several that have mice in them, "Izzy" for one that has a button you push to make it bark, "Button" for one about buttons, "Wee wee wee" for nursey rhymes that include "This little piggy," "Mia" for one about cats, "Boo" for one about Halloween ...

  • Calling roll. She like to have all her people in one room at one time. And then she likes to name them all. (Still not saying Grammie - my mom is also named Mama)
  • Regular attacks on the cat. Keeps her in line.
  • Her teachers at school, whom she calls "Do" (Storm) and "Izzy" (Leigh)
  • Hairbows, which she likes to ask for, talk about and then rip off of her head. And then ask for it to be put in again.
  • Playing push-back, a very exciting game in my family which consists of the baby pushing on the adult until they fall over. She asks for "push, push."
  • Her new playroom. I finally caved and let Jordan turn our guest room into a playroom. Excellent decision. And it also means there isn't a room in our house that isn't covered with toys.
  • Buttons. Loves to push the elevator button at church. Asks to be lifted up to push the microwave buttons. I catch her in the pantry pushing the blender and crock pot buttons (which, don't worry, are not plugged in)
  • Cheese. I think this is her favorite food of all time.

  • Sugar. Jordan tried to sneak a little piece of donut onto her tray for dinner, which she spit out and replaced with a piece of squash. Glad she eats better than I do.
  • Her car seat. Can't wait until she weighs enough to turn her around. She's also thrown up in her car seat multiple times lately, I think just to remind us how much she hates being in it.
  • Being away from mama. Or mama being distracted by anything, which results in her holding/moving my face until I'm paying full attention to her.