Monday, December 5, 2016

Weston James - 11 months

When I think about this time last year ... waiting for our home remodel to be done, praying this baby boy wouldn't come too early, trying to get in the holiday spirit while feeling lousy, celebrating another baby boy turning 2 ... I can hardly believe THIS baby boy is almost 1! I was so nervous about having a third baby ... and another boy ... but God knew Weston James was exactly what our family needed. He brings us tremendous joy and we love him so dearly. 

He talking up a storm, just like those other two babies did at his age. He's cruising and standing alone but no steps yet. Who needs to walk when your siblings do everything for you?? He loves looking at (and gently touching) the Christmas tree and decorations, and no major catastrophes so far! He is SO BUSY. ALL THE TIME. He and Hutch have been spending more time together while sister's at school or activities, and they absolutely delight in each other. Weston loves to imitate everything Hutch does, especially saying words, acting silly or blowing bubbles in the bathtub. Hutch was made to be a big brother. 

He loves being around people and is more social than his siblings at this age. He was so sad when he couldn't go to the nursery last week (thank you croup) ... when I dropped Hutch next door to Weston's classroom he strained and reached for his teachers. Be still my heart. 

He loves to eat all carbs and puffs. Most meats are OK. He'll eat fruit and veggies most of the time. His sippee cup is No. 1. He's nursing just a few times a day, which makes this mama sad. 

Can't wait to continue to celebrate my favorite time of the year with this sweet baby boy, and then to cap off our year celebrating him turning 1!

Weight: 24ish pounds
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:

  • Talking SO MUCH. He says Dada, Adda, Bubba, Lola, Pawpaw, all done, thank you, Coco (our elf ;)), mama (sometimes). He signs for more and milk. 
  • Standing on his own without any assistance, often in the middle of the room. Lots of crusiing and using kitchen chairs or his Y bike to get around. 
  • Down to 3 nursing sessions a day. He says/signs all done and more while nursing which makes me laugh every time. 
  • Six whole teeth!
  • Imitating more animal noises. Cow and horse are favorites. He'll repeat any animal that roars. Still pants at Lola (and calls all other dogs Lola) and will quack and make fish noises, too.

  • Music class is his favorite time of the week. He loves the teacher, loves sitting right next to her and dancing and playing the instruments, usually right on the beat. He also still loves to drum on any and everything.
  • Knocking on all hard surfaces
  • Blowing bubbles in the bathtub. Also still trying to stand up, escape and pull up the drain constantly.
  • Cars and trucks of any kind
  • When anyone comes in our back door - he strains to see who it is and usually starts saying Dada as soon as he hears it.
  • Vacuums
  • Remotes and phones
  • Dancing. He (mostly) loved sister's dance recitals - he was in the carrier and dancing and clapping constantly
  • Pumpkin muffins are his favorite food
  • The church nursery - his teachers and his friends. He now refuses to nap there because there are way too many interesting things to do.
  • All Christmas lights
  • Anything we're eating that he's not supposed to have
  • Taking a bottle. This is the first time I've ever written this about any of my children. He doesn't have to have one often, but when he does, he's excellent. Finally.
  • Feeding Lola.
  • Imitating brother and sister


  • Getting in the carseat
  • Wearing a coat
  • Wearing socks or shoes (Jordan recently cleaned out my car of no less than 20 socks, most unmatched
  • Being told no