Friday, December 7, 2012

Addison Mae - 16 months

Man, I love this kid! She is so funny so smart and so cute. At her 15 month appointment, her doctor asked about  how many words she says and didn't quite believe me when I said in the realm of 50 or 60 (especially because in no way shape or form is she going to speak to him - he pokes and prods her and she doesn't care for it!). But, then he asked if she says two-word phrases, which she does, which apparently validates the breadth of her vocabulary. She's brilliant. She's ecstatic about the Christmas tree being up, and despite my best efforts to give her multiple trees of her own that she can do whatever she wants to, she's obsessed with pulling the ornaments off our big tree. But she also loves to lie under it (preferably with the cat) to look up at all the lights. Be still my heart. She loves her Christmas skaters, Little People nativity scene, Christmas books, Christmas music ... I think she already loves Christmas as much as I do. We had a really fun Thanksgiving at our house, with Addie predictably not so interested in the weird food we were giving her (I think she was saying, "what the heck is all this stuff covered in gravy? Where are my blueberries and squash?") The past month has also been full of Addie feeling pretty yucky. She started the month with an ear infection, which didn't respond well to ear drops or oral antibiotics. We saw her ENT and he gave us lots of good information about other options we'll start pursuing ... right now, we're basically waiting for her to get another ear infection so he can culture it and give his best recommendation. After the ear infection cleared up and starting on Thanksgiving came the fever that wouldn't end ... yesterday was the first day she hasn't had fever. We thought it was just teething, but then discovered she had a viral throat infection. After that came croup and a lower respiratory infection, and low and behold, an ear infection, which can't be cultured because of all the meds she's on for other things. Praise the Lord, she's finally acting like she feels better. I'm all for lots of snuggle time, but my poor girl's whimpers and pitiful little face when she's sick just break my heart. On a positive note, we did see Santa (which was not so positive for Addie) - we went to a really fun event where she got to make several crafts, have storytime with Mrs. Claus and then go meet Santa ... who she did not care for. Although she says a really cute, "ho, ho, ho" when you ask her what Santa says. I am so excited and thankful for the chance to spend Christmas with this precious baby girl. And trying really hard not to buy her every toy and article of clothing in the stores.

Weight: 20 lbs 6 oz
Length: 29 1/2 inches

New things this month:
  • Saying "Izzy no" and "Mia no." Seems she has learned who she has a lot of power over in this house.
  • Saying no a whole, whole, whole lot - even when we know she doesn't really mean it (because the answer to "do you want cheese" is never no). And occasionally yelling "Yes!!" which she learned from watching her dad watch football. She also nods her head yes and says uh-huh! when she wants something.
  • Saying "I love you," which sounds nothing like I love you unless you're her mother :)
  • Calling herself Addie Mae
  • Have I mentioned that she's slightly OCD? Yeah, I don't know where that comes from ... for example, after school each day, she has to do the following, in the correct order, visit the Jesus statue and touch his head, review the Christmas trees/bows/lights, see the waterfall, push the elevator button and ride up, review the nativity scene.
  • Saying her friends names ... Stella, Daisy, Jack and Kate are about as far as we've gotten so far.

  • Likes:

  • Elmo. He is number one. Followed by Bi Bir (Big Bird) and Cook (Cookie Monster)
  •  Stickers. She likes to put them everywhere. Everytime I'm out and about, I'm on the hunt for new stickers because there are never enough stickers in the world to satisfy this girl
  • Dancing. Girl's got moves.
  • Cheese.
  • All animals and animal noises.
  • Throwing Izzy's ball or toy for her.
  • The Christmas tree. And removing any and all ornaments within her reach. And flinging them all about the house or giving them to the cat to play with.
  • Speaking of flinging ... the girl loves to cover my entire house in Cheerios. I find them in my bed, in my closet, in the shower. There are too many for even Izzy to clean up.


  • Being away from momma. Especially when she doesn't feel well.
  • Taking her medicine, which I can fully understand since she's been on so many lately.
  • Chest x-rays or any other sort of medical personnel trying to do pretty much anything to her.