Friday, February 3, 2017

Weston James - 13 months

He's turning into a big boy before my very eyes. More steps pieced together, more words and more of a personality (aka attitude). He likes to do things himself and is not afraid to make his opinions known. I can't decide if this is more his personality or because in this household with three small children you have to yell to get your voice heard. He delights in everything and everyone, definitely the most social of the three. He still loves his mama best.

Weight: 22 lbs
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:

  • So many words! "This" is a favorite and used to mean just about any and everything that he doesn't have a specific word for. About 3/4 of my day is spent frantically trying to figure out what the heck "this" means in every instance. He says ball constantly (reminds me of his sister). He's also said sock, uh-uh, car-car and something that sounds like Hutch (though he prefers to call him Bubba).
  • Asking for books to be read to him. Usually by declaring "THIS" and shoving his book of choice in my face
  • Still tentative at walking. He's started to put quite a few steps together, especially if he's holding a giant ball in his hands, but still not super confident about it. 
  • Weaning. Sigh. He's still nursing just a bit, but I know won't be for very much longer.
  • 3 of his 1-year molars and perhaps the canines on top getting ready to poke through 
  • Hitting. Ugh.

  • Playing outside. Mostly he wants to sit in the Cozy Coupe (or be pushed around in it), hold a soccer or basketball, or get in the little playset and try to fling himself down the slide or off the side. 
  • Muffins. He is a carb man for sure
  • Grapes. He cries and screams for them if he sees me get them out of the fridge.
  • He feels the same about eggs.
  • Playing with the basketball toy he got for Christmas
  • Any and all riding toys
  • Standing in his or his siblings' anywhere chairs
  • Climbing in general
  • Balls
  • The church nursery, although he does have to cry for up to 30 seconds every time I drop him off
  • Eating. When he gets up in the morning, and up from his nap, he immediately starts pointing at his high chair
  • Daddy. He gets so excited when he hears daddy come in the back door in the evenings. He feels the same when he hears Grammie and Pawpaw.
  • Removing everything from drawers and cabinets
  • Music class. He was so excited to go back in Jan. Sister just started piano there and Weston is always highly dismayed that he can't go in to her class
  • Magnets. He loves putting magnets on the kids' magnetic easel
  • Bedtime. He will seek me out and start rubbing his head on me, holding on for dear life and whining when he's ready for bed (or more likely when he's ready to nurse)


  • His one year photo shoot, which included a cake. He was pissed about it. Did not want to eat or even touch it. He did LOVE that our photographer had the brilliant idea to stick goldfish in the cake so it would actually appear that he was touching and eating it. Also, he loves goldfish now
  • Cheese. He can finally have dairy and mostly he hates it.
  • Being told no
  • Getting in his carseat 

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