Monday, April 17, 2017

Weston Page - 15 months

Y'all I cannot keep up with all these children of mine!! Weston has grown so much in the last 2(+) months. He can say just about anything, loves books, moos constantly to the cows behind our house and asks persistently from the moment he wakes up till he goes to bed to go "Aus" or outside. He loves to give us kisses and hugs and asks for "up" constantly, which also means down.  He tells us when he's ready for night-night and pretty much wants to be kissed and then left alone. 

Weight: 23  lbs
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:

  • He's running, y'all. And climbing everything. Personal favorites are running away from me at drop-off every morning, trying to get into the kids' classrooms and climbing on the Jesus statue. He goes up and down our stairs constantly. 
  • The talking. It seems like he learns a new word every day. "Aus" for outside, moo, car-car, ball and up are some of his favorites right now. Now he uses "this" and "that" interchangeably. He says something that sounds like car-car for car, thank you and quack quack. "Aus" also means airplane when he sees or hears one outside. "Mo" means both milk and more. He says "wa-wa" for waters, 'nack, night-night, sock, shoe, push, hello, button, book and more animal noises than I can count. 
  • He loves books, especially Goodnight Moon at bedtime
  • Saying and pointing out (aggressively) everyone's nose, ears, mouth and eyes. Eyes are his favorite.
  • This boy weaned at about 14 months. He didn't miss a beat, and surprisingly I felt OK about it too. 
  • One more molar in, but no signs of canines or other two bottom teeth
  • Blowing his nose, with or without help or a Kleenex

  • Muffins remain a favorite snack. He's getting a little more adventurous with foods, trying more fruits and vegetables, especially if we encourage him or act crazy to get him to try something. 
  • Playing "Aus" remain near and dear to his heart. He recently really enjoyed flinging the rocks we were trying to clean out of a flower bed
  • He loves to get his shoes when we tell him to or he sees us or the kids putting them on. Recently Jordan was planning to take the big kids to the grocery store and W and I were going to stay home ... Jordan was helping the bigs put on shoes, and in toddles W with his shoes in his hand, and then he backed up into Jordan's lap and raised his feet and shoes to be put on. Needless to say, he got to go too!
  • Climbing. On everything. 
  • Playing in the potty when someone forgets to close the bathroom door. Unrolling the toilet paper is also a favorite. 
  • Picking up Easter eggs and putting them in his basket. He called them "balls"
  • All dogs. If he sees or hears a dog or a picture or video, he calls it "lola" and pants and barks
  • Continued removal of all the things from all the cabinets. Also pushing all the buttons on the washer and dryer and opening the wine fridge till it beeps
  • He will do anything to make his siblings laugh
  • Still loves going to music class. The bells remain his favorite, and he often cries for them or bangs on the cabinet door he knows they are in
  • Reading a certain book about bears in his carseat
  • He continues to remove and fling socks and shoes in the car
  • Playing "soccer" with his siblings, which mostly just means kicking the ball and getting mad if they take it away or try to kick it too. He's forever trying to go on the field during their games, mostly to get to the ball but also to find Dada.
  • He loves when Daddy comes home in the evening and yells Dada when he hears him come in the door
  • Going to Pawpaw's house - he calls both of my parents Pawpaw
  • Pointing out and saying bird
  • Looking for the Moos each morning


  • The Easter Bunny. Highly questionable
  • Getting in trouble for hitting, or anything else for that matter
  • Being refused a snack or food of any kind

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