Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Weston James - 18 months

Poor third baby. Addie has blog posts for every month of her first two years of life ... I love you just as much, West!!

He has loved having his siblings home this summer. He loves them and wants to do everything they are doing, but he also loves to tackle them and pull their hair. All things water related have been pretty wonderful, although he does not feel that way about swim lessons. So far, he's screamed and cried through them all, while I hide in an alcove and listen to him yell, "Mama! All Done!" But despite the screaming, he's willing to participate and do many of the things his very patient teacher asks. He's learned to hold his breath when going underwater and though he thinks floating is pretty awful will mostly comply. 

This baby was so enamored with the ocean. I think our week-long vacation in a new place with a crazy schedule was a little hard on my boy, but he really was a trooper. The delays on the trip home were a little difficulty for all of us!

As a third baby, he's often along for the ride to t-ball or basketball games or practices, activities and events ... and while he can be pretty go-with-the-flow, he has some serious opinions about things and how he thinks things should be done. I literally have three children with the same personality, y'all. Although in general, W seems to be the most outgoing of them all, and perhaps a smidge less high maintenance (or maybe this mama is just getting better at accommodating!). 

He still needs his mama or dada if he's feeling unsure or insecure and he definitely prefers us most. He still has some separation anxiety at church but the tears never last long. He's going to be starting Mother's Day Out at least one day a week in the fall, and while I'm looking forward to some structured time to work, I'm going to miss my baby.

There are so many things I love about this age ... his talking and interactions are so sweet. He learns a new word nearly every day. He's obsessed with his Daddy. He wants to be in the middle of everything. He is so loving and gives the best hugs and kisses. His belly laugh is the sweetest sound in the world. But he gets frustrated when he can't communicate what he wants or we don't comply with his wishes. He likes to make us chase him. He has so much energy and literally Never. Stops. Moving. I'm just about too old for 18-month-olds, so it's a good thing he's the last one ;) But I know I'm going to miss this stage when it's gone. 

Weight: 25 lbs
Length: 28.75 inches

New things:
  • This boy LOVES to talk, and he can say pretty much anything, including thank you, please, I love you, squirrel, flower ... and the names of all his immediate family, though Grammie is called "Nana" and GDaddy is DaDaDa. Grammie and Pawpaw's new puppy, Pete, has even graduated from being called "Lola" to his own name.
  • Finally the two, side, bottom teeth. One came in several months ago and the other within the past week. One canine popped through and I expect the others to be close behind
  • He can name and point to most of his major body parts, and ours too. He loves to announce "arm! arm!" after swim lessons to show off the stamp on his hand
  • He also likes to tell us when he poops!
  • Walking upright up and down the stairs, sometimes holding on
  • Pushing his brother and sister around when he doesn't get his way or is mad about something. This boy's a bruiser 
  • Yelling "Pawpaw!!!!" as soon as we pull into their neighborhood
  • His second plane ride, which was a bit challenging for all involved. Really, he did pretty well as long as we kept feeding him snacks. Though I swore I'd never be the parent with the child rolling on the airport floor, I was. You can't control everything, man. My mom now calls him Airport Weston whenever he's being especially ornery or difficult!
  • A definite obsession with his Dada. If I get him up in the morning, his first word to me is Dada? with arms up and shrugged shoulders. 
  • Also his asking "where is?" with those arms up and shrugged shoulders about all manner of things is about the cutest thing I've ever seen

  • He loves watching for, and announcing, squirrels and birds outside and on the bird feeder. Frogs are another exciting discovery. 
  • He loves all animals and squealed and paid careful attention to an hour-long presentation by Extreme Animals at the library this week. His favorite was the giant yellow python
  • This boy loves the wa-wa. He's feeling better about his lifejacket (read: he no longer screams and throws himself on the concrete in protest). He mostly likes to hang out on the steps and play, but will occasionally "jump" to us off the steps or side of the pool
  • The ocean was a huge hit. I swear he would have swam to Cuba if we'd let him. He loved putting his feet, and then entire body, in the waves. Lots of squealing and delighted laughter.
  • Ice cream. Mmm mmmm
  • Car Cars must be announced constantly, whether they are toys, we're driving, he sees a tractor, sees a fan (which apparently looks like a steering wheel) or he's throwing an epic tantrum to drive the car (yes, seriously). He also loves all of Hutch's outdoor ride-on cars and tractors
  • Giving high fives. He's not much of a hugger with people other than his people, but he gives a great high five to anyone who asks
  • Animals noises, with the cow and elephant remaining favorites
  • Hutch's toy vacuum
  • Playing Barbies with sister
  • Playing basketball, which mostly means taking the ball away from whoever has it. He cries during Addie's games because he wants the ball
  • Going to the library. He squeals to see and pat the big lizard statue out front and then starts asking, loudly, for car-car, a big wheel he can turn in the children's play area. He also loves to pull all the books off all the shelves
  • Chocolate chip pancakes. Really all carbohydrates and all chocolate
  • Putting on everyone else's shoes, which he's pretty good at
  • He reminds me of Hutch in that he likes to manipulate toys and seems to always be trying to figure out how things work
  • Running away from us, especially in public
  • Pushing all buttons at our church, from the elevator to the handicap door openers
  • Sitting on his siblings heads. I'm pretty sure this is a sign of affection. Really, he adores everything about Addie and Hutch. He loves to hug and kiss them. And drive them crazy, too
  • Dancing, especially when his siblings are dancing. He likes to imitate everything they do. 
  • More interest in watching (small snippets of) TV - there's no sitting still for too long with this boy
  • Throwing anything, with some pretty impressive aim
  • Digging in the dirt. Picking flowers. Especially when/where he's not supposed to
  • Playing in the dog's water bowl
  • My yoga mat

  • Swim lessons
  • Having to be held while screaming for "up" (which also means down)
  • Eating vegetables or fruit in order to get a treat like brother and sister
  • Being refused a snack

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